Meet my Book Lady

We love books — between the basket I keep in the living room, the two book shelves in Uriah’s room, and the few I keep tucked in Uriah’s bed basket there always seems to be one ready to read. 

I wanted to introduce you to my book lady, Kendra! She’s fun, super friendly, and she’s my mom! But, really, I’d still recommend her without that fun fact! 😉 

We like Usborne books because they’re unique, affordable, and target all ages. I especially love the toddler aged books because I have seen Uriah eat them up! He’s always been advanced when it comes to looking at books (look left to right, turning pages, long attention span, reading to himself, etc.) and I know Usborne books has encouraged that.

I promise, I’m not here to sell anything. Instead, I’ll leave the link to Kendra’s Facebook site and the Usborne link to check out what they offer. 

(Also, fun fact, Usborne replaces any book destroyed by your little for 50% off the sale price. Which includes books that are chewed, ripped, flushed, or grubbied up! Awesome!)