Modesty and Marriage // How God Blessed Me With His Pick

Sometimes my husband makes me laugh
and smile
and blush.
He loves me. Unashamedly. Unabashedly. Without reserve.
I always imagined I would marry a Charity man (or Anabaptist in some fashion). Why? Because I dressed plainly in pretty jumpers and simple skirts and covered my head. No traditional man would want me.
So I spent a (shameful) amount of time secretly inspecting fellow brothers in Christ; men who attended the same Youth Bible Schools as I did; men who sang acapello, disdained tv, tucked in button-up shirts and talked of owning their own business, raising a godly family and missions.
I inspected them because they were what I expected.
But someone else prayed for me.
A man raised outside of Anabaptist circles; a man who never read a courtship book, grew up in a divorced home with a loving and hard-working mother who owned a hair salon and video store. This man prayed for me, waited for me and hoped for me.
And when he found me he loved me without reserve and shame. Plain, ol’ me who covers her hair and sometimes dresses like a granny. He loves me.
Today, Dalton came home for lunch (a rare treat since he normally works shifts later in the day). I was standing over a pot of boiling cabbage wearing a faded apron and dressed in my favorite light green jumper. We had already shared our greeting kiss so when he came back into the kitchen, took my arms and said, “You look so beautiful today all clean and tidy and put together” I couldn’t help but grin. What about my plain appearance could make me beautiful? I’ve far more dressy outfits and am normally tidy in appearance. My hair wasn’t down and a red pimple blotch could be seen.
Whatever the reason it doesn’t really matter.
All that matters is that I am loved by a man who values modesty more than fashion, appreciates godliness more than gaudiness and cherishes uniqueness over popular opinion every time.  
And that is why I laugh, smile and blush.
I hope you have that too.

10 thoughts on “Modesty and Marriage // How God Blessed Me With His Pick

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      🙂 It is so true, Miss Barbara. You know, some time I would really enjoy hearing you and your husband's love story. That would be a real treat!!

      Thank you for stopping by!
      Frannie Anne

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      Miss Heather, I love your frankness and sweetness.

      And I'm laughing too! DO we need to have a talk about Anabaptist? Hahaha!

      Love and appreciate you!

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      Yes, Julianne, they certainly are!!

      And, by the way, welcome!! Thank you for dropping by and leaving such a sweet comment. I can't wait to get to know you better.

      With love and blessings to you!

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    this is adorable! and aren't our husbands the best?! And when they are grateful for something it just makes you feel amazing! 🙂 and I just laughed and laughed about your image of a husband. I had some crazy ideals too and I'm so glad I didn't get it! 🙂

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