My First Give-away!

Hello sisters! I hope this day finds you all well. I’m excited because here is my first give-away and I hope you all enjoy it! 

As you all know the give-away was based on the two polls on my sidebar. First, I want to thank you all for voting! I enjoyed seeing every vote. For some factual information 80% of you play the piano, 30% play some sort of stringed instrument, one of you play a wind instrument, and one plays the harp. Now, I must say that I am in the company of talent! An overwhelming amount of you preferred smoothies! So, I based the give-away on the most popular choices- piano and smoothies!

Here are the gifts:

Goody Number One: A very neat and informative recipie book on healthy drinks including juices, smoothies, coolers, infusions, and soups. With over 200 pages, I hope its a good one! I found this at Hastings, a very neat store which sells new and used books, music products, and videos. I hope you all don’t mind that this is used; it is in very good condition! Here is a review by one customer found at

Goody Number Two: Five sweet cups I thought were super cute for summer and smoothies!

Goody Number Three: A two in one cd with 17 songs playing the great works of Johann Sebestian Bach! I don’t think this cd has any piano, but I don’t think you’ll mind too much. 🙂 Performed by The London Symphony Orchestra, the various songs are very nice!

Alright, so how do your enter you may ask? 
 ~ Just leave a comment saying so!

*If you don’t have a blog that’s okay! Just leave a comment saying that you would like to enter and that your entering from an email.

For extra entries you may:
~ Follow my blog (if you would like!) If you become a follower or if you already follow, please let me know through a comment!  
~ Post about this give-away on your blog! The more the merrier! When you have done this, please let me know through a comment! Please feel free to use the picture if you would like!

I am going up to Alaska this week for my Dear Momma’s retirement, so this give-away will close June 12th. 

I hope you all enjoy! God bless you sisters!

40 thoughts on “My First Give-away!

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    Hello Frannie, I just heard about your giveaway on Johanna's blog! I would love to enter, and I am now following your blog. 😉 It looks like we are the same age. I am just about to turn 21 next week. 🙂


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    Oooo, I would like to enter! I would love the recipes or the Bach! I am a big classical fan (I play classical on my violin, oh, and to answer your question that you asked long ago during my giveaway, I do play Susuki. I am in the 5th book. Sorry that I did not answer that until now) and Bach is one of my top fav.
    Hope you are having a lovely day!
    A sister in Christ,

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    I, too, like to read your blogs and am one of your followers. You are such an encourager to young ladies. Love to hear about you and your family; miss you all.

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    Please enter me!! I love giveaways and this one sounds especially good! 🙂 Love Bach and smoothies! I am entering from an email. Love, Diane

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    I love smoothies! If you could please enter me for the recipe book, I would greatly appreciate it…we're trying to eat more healthy and recipes are always wonderful:):)

    Thank you,

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