My Love for Apartment-sized, Container Gardening

I have to confess something.

Though I love all things home, have a desire to grow and learn in homemaking skills and appreciate the “little things” which make life so comfy, I have hated gardening.

I know. I’m so ashamed. 😉

It’s terrible, really, considering that my own momma was very good at producing sweet, fresh green things in her Alaskan garden. I remember a time or two when her poor heart broke upon seeing her garden trampled and eaten by the local moose. Unfortunately, I never learned her diligence and discipline; instead of working beside her, I spent those early days frolicking in the yard and imagining all sorts of fun. And so, I learned very little about gardening and even less about loving it.

Thankfully, my interest in gardening has grown. In order to not overwhelm myself (and my little yard) we decided to try our hand at container gardening. And, sweet friend, let me tell you — I am loving it!



We have one lovely lavender plant, a happy tomato (with two cute, little tomatoes!), two rows of leaf lettuce, a strawberry and several green onions which I regrew from a  grocery store purchase I made several weeks ago. 🙂 And I must say, for not being a gardener, I am totally loving checking, watering and, in general, doting on my little garden. Who would have thought?

While I’m outside I check on the flower bed beneath our bedroom window. There we have a few rose bushes and a few anonymous plants. Aren’t these red roses lovely? What a sweet blessing they are!



I suppose I love the green things outside because we started small. The flower bed was inherited and well-cared for when we moved in and our little garden so pleasant because it is easy and manageable. Because the project is small I am spending time learning about how to grow and care for our little friends.

How do you feel about gardening? Love it or hate it I’m sure you have a favorite fresh vegetable recipe — why not share it with us in the comments below! Who knows, I may even feature it!

With lots of love, joy and coffee,

4 thoughts on “My Love for Apartment-sized, Container Gardening

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    Frannie, I am always so thrilled t hear about a new gardener! I wasn’t a good gardener for years, but my mother’s advice comes back to me time and time again, even now I am a fairly experienced gardener. She just loved her plants, talked to them and they grew for her!
    Well done you, carry on!

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      Oh, Miss Barbara, what a lovely comment!! Thank you for your sweetness. I really am enjoying my “bit of gardening” even though I am not doing much. Just now, I have made a homemade fertilizer of ground banana peels, egg shells and Epsom salts. I hope it makes my plants happy — especially my poor, magnesium depleted tomato. 🙂

      What a sweet thing to remember your own mother’s advice even though you are more experienced. That is special!!

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        Frannie, Epsom salts are excellent for tomatoes, and will bring back the green-ness to the leaves. Egg shells should stop slugs as they don’t like to climb over gritty things.
        Roses love being mulched, that is lots of compost around the roots, and fertiliser too.
        Looking forward to seeing more of your garden!

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          Thank you for sharing!! I’ve seen pictures of your green thumb at work so I happily hear your advice. 🙂

          Thank you also for your email (I can’t remember if I’ve responded yet?) I’ve clipped the bits of blooming lavender and have them drying in the kitchen. 🙂 I was wondering when I should clip them. 🙂

          And its been three days and the tomato is looking healthier! I’ll keep adding my mixture of Epsom salts/egg shells/banana peels and hopefully he will be fully restored!!

          With lots of love to you!

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