My Marmee

I am so thankful for my mom.

I’m thankful for the time she gave us. 

            For the times we went on fall walks early in the morning.

            For the times she took us shopping with her, never minding the ever-grabbing childish hands upon store merchandise.

            For the times she spent making cookies with us every Christmas and for the hours she would spend in the preparation of, the assisting of, and the hiding of dyed Easter eggs.

            For the time she gave us while homeschooling: so many hours given to teaching, explaining math facts, reading aloud, instructing. So many patient memories made in taking the time to go on field trips, on driving us to music lessons, on doing science experiments.

            For all the time she put into wrapping Christmas gifts. In cleaning and decorating the house. In helping me sew dresses.

            For all the late night talks over concerned consciences and burdened souls.

            For taking the time to love her husband which gave the home such a safe and lovely atmosphere

            For all the times she called to warn, “Get in the basement!” for fear of tornadoes.

            For the time she gave when she took me shopping, for that was an excruciating experience long ago.

            For the time she tool in preparing our delicious thanksgiving, Easter, birthday, and Christmas meals. Also, for every meatloaf, sausage gravy, mushroom pizza, and French toast she made for regular meals.

            For the time she took in dressing us well and handsomely; for the time she took in shopping for us

            For the time she used to place notes in lunch boxes, to pick up presents from far-away lands, and for the yummy lattes she would get for birthdays

            For the time she spent in spring and fall cleaning always including us (even when we didn’t want to be included) and always making it cheerful

            For the times of quiet rest, drinking coffee, and reading our Bibles quietly in the living room together

            For the time she spent working as an Awana leader, in the Alaska Air Guard, as a 1st grade Christian school teacher, as a best friend to her husband, as a babysitter, and counselor of other ladies.

For her patience.

            When I lied


            Ate too much dough . . . and got sick

            Threw fits


            Disobeyed (for the thousandth time)

            Cried in repentance

            Talked of silly things and nonsense

            Discussed things I didn’t really have any idea about

            Thought I was fat (and bemoaned without mercy!)

For her grace

            In correcting my faults and in overlooking when I just needed her love.

For her mercy

Oh, for some good reason my Lord decided to place me in a home where I was loved. Momma was a part of that and I am so thankful for her and all the wonderful memories she has helped implant within my heart.
I Love You, Marm!

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    ♥ Vickie, Yes! Mothers who live for others and wonderful, blessed creatures! Love,

    ♥ Mrs. Elizabeth, the Lord has given so much grace and I can say that she really is my best friend.
    The Lord bless you today,

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