My Recent Trip and all its Adventures

It was a lovely


            9:00 a.m.- Leave to pick up Mom and
(quickly) go to car rental

            11:00 a.m.- Leave Mom’s work later
than expected

            12:30 p.m.- Pick up car (which was a
cute, red Kia Soul!), fuel up, drive

            2:20 p.m.- St. Louis traffic diverts
efforts by ½ hour

            7:00 p.m.- Arrive at G+G’s home!
Woot woot! Discuss interstate with Grandpa, quickly chat with Grandma, hug
Momma goodbye, fuel up, take off (first solo trip)

            7:40 p.m.- Call friend waiting for
my arrival and explain approximate arrival time as 1 a.m. (as opposed to
original hope, 9 o’clock)

            12:00 a.m.- Visit the potty room and
jump back onto interstate

            12:50 a.m.- Call friend and squeal! Only
10 miles to destination (spoken in robotic GPS tone)

            1:00 a.m.- “You have reached your

                        Wait . . .  really, Mr. GPS? My friend lives in a big
scary barn? Or in the house with a lightning bolt mailbox? I think you maybe a
little confused . . .

            The next hour is filled with a
no-serviced cell phone, a full bladder, exhaustion, driving up Wildcat Mountain (which is closed for the observation of true, blue wildcats. Can anybody else say, “eeek!”?), talking to oneself, flashing headlights on all houses within 3 miles, and driving frantically. . . oi.
(Though the situation appeared bleak, I must say, Wisconsin has a lovely view of the stars and constellations . . .)  

            Eventually, after having to receive directions
from a very kind (and sleepy) father, I actually, finally reached my
destination. What a joyous sight it was to find four bed-headed, blanket
wrapped girlfriends bouncing around me at 2 in the morning; what a wonderful,
dear sight it was to be greeted by bare feet and pajamas. I am so blessed (and
incredibly embarrassed). 🙂

            The rest of the weekend proceeded
wonderfully. My dear friend and her Beloved were married. The wedding was so
encouraging—full of simple, tasteful beauty—and a couple who love the Lord even
more than they love one another. A real testimony.

            One good point given during the
wedding was that this time, this wedding, was a celebration of both the Bride
and the Groom. For years, they have waited patiently for one another, fighting
the battle their flesh and the world has waged. They have had failures but they have conquered. This was a victory
feast celebrating the end of one time and the entry of another!

            It was a very good weekend. In order
to not disappoint, we made sure to make the drive home memorable by arriving at
4 in the morning, falling into exhausted slumbers (in the car) till 6:30 a.m. at
which time both Momma and I dazedly walked into our respective work areas.
Needless to say, it was a very

l o n g

            I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

            I found God’s grace
totally and wonderfully free and flowing as well. How was your weekend?

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