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Coffee With You Series

Hello sweet people and welcome back for coffee and Friday conversation. I *love* Fridays with you because the post and your comments are what this blog is really about — growing closer to our Lord together! 🙂

My theme word for 2016 is delight. I’m learning to live out my life moments and responsibilities with an attitude of delight. I’m learning to make room in my heart for delight.

What does that mean practically?

I’m taking delight in reading God’s Word every morning … and taking delight in confessing my heart to Him.

I’m forming new habits of thought. When tempted to despair over my fallen human condition I’ve been delighting in speaking truth to my heart: You are a child of God and you don’t have to work to be His.

I’m taking the time I need to break the cycle of perfectionism in my life. Meaning, I’m learning to be realistic when I make my daily to-do lists and delighting in the truth that it doesn’t have to be perfect to be wonderful.

I’m pursuing my husband’s heart with new vigor because I am making my desire to bless him my delight and not my duty.

I’m discovering new adventures, new friends and new opportunities because I’m facing life with a get-to attitude vs. a have-to attitude.

And, most importantly, I’m teaching my heart to view my relationship with God with delight. I’m learning to rest in His redemptive work and ability (and want to) to sanctify me. I’m also learning to observe the truth that it delights His heart when I delight in Him.

It’s really as simple as that. Life becomes less stressful, less to-do list driven when I remember that God delights in me and my delight in Him. I am loved, I am wanted and I am delighted in by my Heavenly Father, His Son and His Spirit.

Isn’t that something worth delighting in? 🙂

What’s your theme or word for 2016? How has it impacted your year already? Are you growing or maintaining spiritually this year? I would love to hear your heart so I can pray for it.

With so much love, blessings and coffee,


4 thoughts on “My Theme for 2016 // Coffee Series

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    Ooo, this is very good and true!! I will pray for you, too, that God would grant you that rest and delight in your heart and soul!

    My watchword for 2016 is “trust” (I know, I’ve talked about it a lot lately). This year so far has brought new challenges that I really can’t work out on my own like I usually do; and it has been a very nervous new experience to pry my fingers off and let Him work. But I feel sure that He is preparing me for bigger things by teaching me this crucial, fundamental lesson.

    Blessings to you, dear friend!! God is so good to us, and I rejoice with you in His gentle teaching and care!


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      I *so* understand the queasy feelings that come with facing a challenge you can’t work out on your own. But I thank God for putting us in those places because the deeper we know Him and the more we trust Him the more beautiful life becomes. Its a gift we seldom think we need. 🙂

      You are dear!

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    Delight! What a wonderful theme for 2016!!

    My word for 2016 would have to be Change. I feel like God is helping me to make a lot of positive changes in my life right now: Losing weight and having healthy eating habits, getting my house organized, having a closer relation with God, being the best wife, mom, daughter, and friend I can be, learning not to overwhelm myself but to take life slower, and finding joy in all the small blessings each day brings. 🙂

    Thank you for being such a wonderful friend and bringing delight to my life! 🙂

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      I like this word, Amy! I’m blessed and thankful that our Lord is leading you to grow and change into His mage and making you better in all of life. I think it is awesome that He cares about our areas of life and leads us to better things in them!

      Way to go! I’m glad we’re close enough that I can watch the beautiful things He works through this! 🙂

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