Nickleby, Cornstarch and Cookies || Or How I Spent My Weekend

Hello, sweet friends!

The sun is out, children are playing across the street, windows have been letting breezy, fresh air in, and things are happening here on Madeline Street.

Lately, I have been engaged in the Battle of the Blow-Nose, Head-Cold … I tell ya … it’s been a rough two to three weeks mainly because I am typically in good health. Nevertheless, I press on (not really … there were two days when nothing happened unless it involved napping, pjs all day or more napping). 🙂 But I digress.

Yesterday, I caught craft-fever and after I dropped my beloved off at work I stopped by the library and picked out the week’s entertainment.


I had never seen Nicholas Nickleby … it is, by now, one of my most favorite of movies. I’m in the process of begging D to watch it with me. 🙂

I also managed to make my to-do list and cross off a few items.

A few weeks ago, my sweetest friends and family threw me a 25th bowling birthday-party. It was so much fun and I felt like I needed to get some cards off in the mail to say thank you.

I had also seen this easy, healthy cookie recipe floating around Facebook and decided to give it a try.
They turned out amazing! As a die-hard cookie-lover, I was afraid these would taste like hippies from a commune had made them. 😉 The recipe made a small batch — just perfect for two — and my health-conscious husband loved them just as much as I.
Today, I spent some time listening to worship music and trying to decide what our house should look like come Valentine’s Day. I know it’s too early to decorate for February 14th but since my beloved and I are will be away during the earliest days of February (for a nice, surprise, honey-moon!) I thought it would be a good idea to start now so that when we return everything will be ready for the holiday.

I had thought this tutorial for cornstarch ornaments too adorable to not try … the recipe was easy to follow and fun to do. I’m still not sure if I’m as crazy about them as I originally was but they are cute and I’ll take the next few days to see if the hearts grow on me. 🙂 
What thinkest thou?
I’m off to peck-out a chalkboard tutorial for Monday, finish my new design and bake bread. I am *so* thankful for the opportunity to stay home … it is such a joy to spend time crafting!
With lots and lots of love, banana-cookies, and smiles,

4 thoughts on “Nickleby, Cornstarch and Cookies || Or How I Spent My Weekend

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    || Ginger, I think they are! And they really are yummy too! :]

    || Ms. Elizabeth, it is very exciting! I can hardly wait — I keep thinking I should pack but it's still a ways off! 🙂

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    Oh how exciting! Surprise trip really are the best! 😀

    Ahhh!!! And those cookies are AMAZING! If I don't fell like I am getting enough carbs into my diet, these are my favorite addition to help out with that. 🙂

    Have a wonderful day! And I pray that you are feeling well!


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