Ode to a Bad Test–and the Kindness of a Good God!

Oh, the horrors! Greetings my sweet friends and sisters! Tonight is a sad night. I took my Physical Education test (a class I am required to take as I work towards a teaching degree) and *sniff* I do not think I did well. I only share this to encourage you and myself to remember our daughterly duties. As a Christian we have the duties of loving our Lord with all our hearts, souls, minds, strengths, and to love our neighbor too. As women we’re to be good, merciful, pure, and responsible for our bodies. As sisters we have the responsibilities of being sweet, helpful, friendly, and forgiving. As friends were to be kind, understanding, and faithful. And as daughters were to be obedient, meek, humble, submissive, loving, forgiving, studious, industrious, and good.  (And these lists are not complete!) Perhaps this is to be a reminder and a consequence of my failure in this important area. So, while I am sad at my less then the best, I hope to press higher in my daughterly and scholarly duties. . .and bring my father and mother honor while I do it!

Remember dear Anne’s letter which said:
As Rachel Lynde used to say, the sun will go on rising and setting whether I fail in Geometry or not. . . .” 🙂
Have a blessed day dear sisters!
Your hopeful sister,
One Week Later:
Well, hello sisters! Guess what? I am super excited! Why you wonder? Because our God is good. I did not study for this test like I should have. . .I neglected my duty. But tonight I was blessedly surprised to get my grade. . . a 98% I am so blessed by our God who helps us and has given us common sense (it was a P.E. test and they are generally pretty self explanitory). But, I must remember to be a good and diligent student and daughter bring my parents and Lord glory.
Have a blessed night sisters!


One thought on “Ode to a Bad Test–and the Kindness of a Good God!

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    Dear Frannie,
    Okay, sorry for not getting this to you sooner 🙂
    Thanks for inquiring about my blog! You are most welcome to come and 'visit' me in my little corner of the web 🙂
    Here is my blog address:


    It's interesting that you found my blog when you did because just the day before my sister and I were looking at yours 🙂 and then I got your comment!
    I am looking forward to hearing from you on my blog- I'll be back soon on yours!
    Blessings in Him,
    ~Hannah Marie
    P.S. I saw your brother's name was Jeremiah that is my nephew's name too 🙂 it's not too common of a name so it's always interesting to hear of someone else with that name!

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