Of Mountains and Motorcycles

Do not tell God how big the mountain is—tell the mountain how big
your God is.
night, I could have easily lost my beloved when the sudden leap of a deer caused
his motorcycle to be thrown over. The collision caused a grisly scene of man,
motor, and animal skidding down a cold, dark road to become reality; how effortlessly
serious, life-changing damage could have occurred.

there was mercy poured down over his dear life. Is he hurt? Oh yes. But is he living? Will his wounds heal? Thank the Lord, yes.
 Friends, we would
greatly appreciate your prayers on our behalf—prayers for patience,  healing, and grace. Most of all we would
appreciate your singing a sweet song of praise to the Lord for keeping him

home and hug your loved-one. Remind them with words and actions how much you
appreciate them because we never really know when our time comes.
Dalton likes to remind me of how God is in control. Our Abba Father is truly in control–good days, bad days, little hills, towering mountains. It does not matter. Because we have a God Who is bigger than all that.
a very grateful heart,


7 thoughts on “Of Mountains and Motorcycles

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    Oh Frannie, for some reason this didn't show up in my news feed – I'm so glad I decided to type in your URL for "no reason"! I will definitely be praying for Dalton's injuries to heal quickly, for his doctors to help him with skill and gentleness, and for you, your family, and his family to know what to do to support him while he recovers. I'm so glad that he's going to be all right!!

    Keep me posted and feel free to leave me a comment if you need me to pray anything more specific! Wish I could be there to give you a hug!!

    Take care, dear friend!


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    Frannie, dear girl, THANK GOD Dalton is safe!!! Please keep us updated on him. You all have my prayers and God has my praises. Love you!!

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