Off I Go! :)

Hello dear sisters! I hope this finds you all walking in the grace of our Lord and trusting Him.

I just wanted to say that “I’m off!” I’ll be packing my bag soon and flying up toward my home state, Alaska. I am really looking forward to this trip and am so thankful to my Daddy and Momma and the Lord for giving me the chance to go. I’ll try to take some pictures for you! Jeremiah and I will be leaving tomorrow and we are excited to see our dear Momma! (Allie, I wish you could come! We love and miss you and have a blessed day sister!)

 Alaska is such a beautiful state. This spring time/summer season is very lovely with long sunlight hours and flowers blooming. I lived in North Pole, Alaska for about 16 years or so, so I even know its smell! 🙂 I can manuver its streets (I still get lost) with confidence, and I can promptly stop at any store. (These are all sillly, seemingly worthless things one does not experience in a new town).

Birch Lake, a lake which was about 2 hours away from my town. Our church has a Family Camp out there every year, a blessed and fun time. After I became a Christian, I was baptized in this lake! Isn’t it lovely?
Anyways, I’m just letting you know that that’s where I am! Have a blessed day sisters and also, THANK YOU for entering the give-away. I’m so blessed by the responce and am looking forward to it!
By Christ’s love,

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    I hope you're enjoying your trip. I'm praying that you and your brother have a safe and enjoyable time! Have a blessed weekend!

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    HOW FUN!!! I would love to visit Alaska! My Dad grew up there (for a few years).. say hi to my friends up there! lol!

    Hope you have a wonderful trip.. be praying for ya!

    Love in Christ,

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