Only ~Fifty~ More Days

Hello dear ones!

Ah, yes, where exactly did I leave off? Oh yea.


There are so many emotions crashing about. Positive emotions like delight and joy —> Finally, I will have someone to love and be loved by!  Negative emotions like fear and sadness —> What if I do not make a good wife? Can I live without seeing my mom every day?

But God’s grace is sufficient. Dalton and I are getting married March 7th. The plan is to have a lovely, God-centered evening wedding full of candlelight and good friends and family.  I. Am. So. Excited. 🙂

This means lots of (sudden) changes. I will not be attending college this semester but, Lord willing, plan to jump back into school this summer. Dalton recently moved to Jefferson City, two hours away, where he began his new job. He is renting/re-vamping a little house which we will both share in … fifty days! After we are married I will be moving to the big city with all my earthly possessions in tote. ((Gasp! I should ask D if bringing my rock collection is allowed?)) 🙂

Here’s the little kitchen D has been painting and cleaning. Doesn’t the green and yellow look so pretty?
Here is the living room you walk into from the front door.

The beautiful pots and pans my granma and granpa gave to Dalton and I! So sweet!

Which brings me back to the subject of wedding planning. There is so much to do! Last night I had nightmares on not being able to find the perfect invitations at an affordable price. (Don’t think I’m too weird–I’ve had a fever since yesterday which always makes me dream strange dreams.) 

One of the “Will You be My Bridesmaid?” bags I put together. They were full of goodies and treats corresponding with our colors, royal blue and champagne gold. These were super fun to make! 

In the meantime, Dalton and I are learning how to keep growing together despite the distance. It can be hard sometimes but we really want these last few weeks to be a blessing. My family and I also realize how short these last fifty days really are; my poor, dear mom is struggling most of all.

A picture I sent D the first week he was gone. I told him that the little red truck and I missed him lots. 🙂

So, dear readers, please keep me in your prayers. I would so appreciate it! Pray for:

– Dalton and I to find memorable, productive ways of staying connected and growing in love

– That the wedding planning will be full of joyous memories and come together in a way which speaks of God’s great care

– That my family and I would see how special these last  few weeks are and that love and patience would abound

– That I would seek God first and foremost during this incredibly busy time–He is the first Bridegroom!

– For our health

Oh, I love you all so much and am so glad to have friends all over the world cheering Dalton and I on. You each are so special!!


5 thoughts on “Only ~Fifty~ More Days

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    oh, dear Frannie, I am just too excited for you. You are having a lot of fun. How wonderful!! Your happiness just bubbles over. I wish you and your Dalton all the very best. Thanks a lot for posting and for the pictures. It is always a treat for me when there is a new blog post. Love you girl!! Diane

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    Oooh, the house is so cute!!! Yes, I love the green and yellow, but I especially love your living room – you can do so much with that nice space! I can't wait to see more pictures after you get there to give it your woman's touch! 😀

    Don't forget, girl – WEDDING PICTURES!!! I'm doing a long-distance Vulcan mind-meld on you right now! 😀

    And I will definitely be praying!!


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    ENGAGED??? Frannie, I am SO excited for you!!!! When I saw your post title, joy leaped in my heart for your sweet spirit. I delight in the blessings of God surrounding your life, and rejoice with you! You are going to make a *marvelous* wife, and your beautiful spirit shall be a blessing to Dalton all his life.
    Though many miles separate us, I send you the biggest hug I can muster!!! Praying for you as you embrace this exciting season of life!!!


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    OH OH OH FRANNIE!!! Wow! I am just thrilled for you! We have been a.w.o.l. from the blogging world for the past few months, but this was delightful news to return to!
    You will be in my prayers, what an exciting time for the two of you! And yes, I'd love to send you my mailing address–where should I send it?

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