Ordinary, Simple Love



This devotional is key to life and life abundantly.

I know it’s long, sweet one, but if you have the time you must read. Did you know that you can offer gifts to our King of Kings? Did you know that He delights in our offerings?

Whatever season of life you are in I encourage you to offer gifts of love to your Heavenly Father. If you’re too busy to read this post because you’ve got a million assignments due and haven’t slept in a long time because college is demanding you can offer a gift of love. If you’re newly married and busy with settling your home and tending to other small tasks, offer Him a gift. If you’re busy wiping peanut butter and jelly from your children’s small faces, offer Him your gift. If you’re sun-spotted beautiful and preparing to welcome grandchildren, offer Him your love.

You, sweet, wonderful one, have so much to offer Him.

It doesn’t have to be big but it has to be done in love. It won’t be noticed, praised or honored but it will bring a smile to the Maker of smiles.

And you will have life abundantly.

With love, smiles and an (empty) cup o’ coffee,


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