Organizing a Library on a $0 Budget

You sweet readers already know about my latest hobby and opportunity working one day a week as a librarian. It has been such a delight serving in a school which promotes character and has the love of Christ in it’s center. I am truly blessed.

Our library houses many books for children grades pre-kindergarten to sixth grade; in total we have seventy-eight students roaming our halls. Seventy-eight young people who love to read! 🙂

The library has several good, sturdy shelves, a bulletin board and five computers (ancient beasts! 😉 In previous years the library was staffed with volunteers, those wonderful folk who give of their time and energy!! (Where would we be without volunteers?) It is their effort that I build upon making me a very lucky woman. Because of these people a majority of our books had been entered into our online catalog, labeled, and given a shelf

I spent a recent Saturday going through the books and ensuring hey are properly alphabetized and in the correct Dewey Decimal System order. 🙂 I couldn’t stand knowing some were out of order. Of course I know the little hands will forget to check each label but in the mean time it is nice knowing everything is in its place!

I love to feature books in the center of the shelves ad especially underneath my white frame. It’s the perfect centerpiece and the kiddies love checking out the new selections.

I’ve strung fabric leaves over the side shelves dividing the library from the teacher’s lounge area. In this library we do whimsy, seasons and cute!! (Can you tell? 😉

My current pride and joy are the Dewey Decimal System cheat sheets I designed and printed. I love being able to glance across the room to ensure I’m looking in the right direction. It’s so fun knowing that wild animals can be found in the 595 section while pets are in in the Technology section (600). Can you tell I love this place?

At the beginning of the school year I asked several different paint stores if I could please have handful of paint sticks. So many generously gave (thank You, Father God!). I painted the ends of the stick and then labeled according to the needed letters and numbers.

So, what are two ways you can organize a library with a $0 budget?

  1. Design and print your own charts, décor and posters. My next project will be about book genres. 🙂
  2. Get creative with book dividers by using free paint sticks. It makes finding and reshelving books so much easier!

I’m still looking for ways to make our library more kiddo-friendly, welcoming and organized. A beautiful reading space is incredibly important to me!

How do you keep your life organized? Have you found affordable ways to get organized without going over budget?

Tell this new teacher your secrets! 🙂

With lots of love, coffee and books,


2 thoughts on “Organizing a Library on a $0 Budget

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    It looks so well organised Frannie. You have done such a good job.
    When I ran our school library (as well as teaching full time!) I did things like;
    having a story telling time, with paintings of the story by the children put up around the Library,
    I used several children as Librarians and taught them the Dewey system, simplified so that they could help other children,
    I got occasional speakers from our main County library to come and chat to the children,
    we also made a big book of photos of activities in the Library.
    Visual aids, wall posters are good too, and I managed to persuade our local travel agent to give me some bright posters of other countries. Then I picked out appropriate books on that country, costumes, geography, customs etc. to display

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      Oh, I love your experiences and ideas, Miss Barbara! (And your encouragement!)

      I definitely will be having the children draw pictures of the stories I am reading; I love that! And what a great idea for using travel posters … will be using that too!

      You are such a dear and friend! Thank you for sharing your heart and experiences with me!

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