Feminine Farmgirl Challenge Report! How Good our God was to make us Feminine!

Greetings my dear sisters in Christ. I hope this finds you all well and growing in our dear Savior. How good He is to us!
Well, as many as you know I joined with Feminine Farmgirl and with Feelin Feminine for the challenge of wearing skirts or dresses for the first week of April. When I became a Christian about 5 years ago I became convicted to dress modestly. . .this eventually led to my wearing skirts and jumpers. So, while wearing skirts and dresses was not new to me, this challenge helped me focus on dressing femininely and on why I wear dresses/skirts–it helped pull me out of the “because its expected or tradition” mindset. I’m a little sad because my outfit pictures of the last few days are stuck on a unworking computer. Oh well! πŸ™‚ If the Lord wills, I’ll get them up later!

The below questions are from the Feelin’ Feminine website and I’m excited to get started and tell you all about how my week went! Here I go!

~ How was the experience for you? It was alot of fun. I was blessed by seeing all of the fellow Christian sisters and their modest clothing. . .such an encouragement! A second blessing I gained from this experience was that I had to think about being modest. Now, I’ve have sought to be modest for a few years and I feel like I have been. But it was becoming an expected and normal thing for me to do. This challenge reminded me that being modest is a choice- one we must make every day.

~ Any particular stories? Oh yes! On Friday I really struggled. . .I was to go and help my sister at daycare she works at. They were going horse back riding and I really wanted to participate! *Gulp* I must be honest, I do wear jumpers and skirts 97% of the time. But my Daddy and I have decided there are a few activities where wearing loose sweatpants would be more modest than a dress (playing softball, going caving, participating in my P.E. class, and so on). Unfortunately, you all caught me on the 3% side of wearing a pair of pants! Imagine the dilemma I was in. . .continuing on in this challenge or putting a pair of loose pants on. I am so thankful that I chose to stick with the challenge. I found a full brown bohemian skirt, some leggings, a sweet and modest blouse, and a pair of tennis shoes. And what did I do? I hopped onto that horse and noticed that my skirt was more modest than any pair of loose sweatpants! Truly, our God is amazing! I felt feminine and pretty as my skirt lay loosely over the saddle while holding onto a dear little preschooler. I think I enjoyed myself more, knowing that the shape of my thighs were modestly hidden, whereas pants tend to reveal every shape. As you can tell, I was truly blessed by this experience.

Addie over at Girlish Musings , who also participated in this challenge, had an excellent thought. (I’m paraphrasing), but Miss Addie says that women have worn skirts for ages, often crossing “oceans,” “continents,” and “mountain ranges” and that if they could do it, so could she. Isn’t that so true, dear sisters? Let’s take courage and be like the women of old. . .I bet Sara, Abraham’s wife, did all of her ancient chores and travellings in feminine and modest attire. :o) Thank you Addie for such a thought-provoking idea!   

 ~ Did wearing skirts rather than pants affect the way you felt? Yes, jumpers and skirts help me feel sweet, feminine, and more aware of the fact that I am a lady created to be a helpmeet.

~ The way you felt about yourself? Yes. I have often struggled with my weight and the modesty and loveliness that comes from wearing skirts/jumpers has encouraged me to trust that my worth is not found in beauty, but in following the Lord. Several years ago I wore very wordly clothes. My worth was in my beauty, and because of that I became very immodest. Since Jesus has worked in my heart and life, I have found that by doing things His way (being modest and having a meek and quiet spirit) my beauty comes from within. And that makes me so glad!

~ The way you acted? Yes, I feel that when I dress modestly I tend to be more gentle and patient.Women are supposed to be sweet and gentle and I believe God intends modest clothing to be a reminder and help of that.

~ The way you carried yourself? I believe so! πŸ™‚ Again, I feel God designed modest clothing/dresses to help women be gentle. I can testify for this first hand. When I wore immodest clothing (which often were tight pants) I walked in a way to gain attention. I feel modest clothing helps us sisters to be meek and quiet. It helps with accountability!  
~ Were you able to go about everyday activity as freely as pants? Yes! While wearing a skirt or jumper I studied, went to school,  worked in the house, helped in the garden, went shopping, attended a wedding, rode a horse, and even climbed a tree (with a pair of leggings!)   

~ How did people respond? My family is used to me wearing skirts, so every thing was normal with them. (Although they rejoiced with me when I discovered I could wear a skirt while riding a horse!)
I feel strangers, especially men, give me a sweet respect that I am very much blessed and in awe at.

~ Were you more respected? In the general public? I do believe that wearing a modest skirt/jumper does bring respect although I did not pay too much attention to that this past week.
I also wear a head covering and I believe that wearing modest clothing and covering my head has brought me much respect over the last 5 years. God is good!  

~ Did you feel more like a lady? Yes :o)

~ After the challenge do you desire to keep wearing skirts more regularly, or were you desperate to wear pants again? I desire to continue in wearing jumpers/skirts. I believe that modesty is so important to God and I am so glad that He has worked it into my life. Even though I struggle with immodesty sometimes, I desire to continue on in the godly maidenhood He has planned for me.  

I hope that this challenge has been a blessing to you, dear sisters, as much as it has been for me. Let’s give up our vanity and follow after our Lord. He is able to give us strength! 
With lots of love,  

P.S. I found this lovely photo and I do not know who to give credit to! I think it can be found on photobucket.com, but I have never tried. If you have any idea, please leave a comment! I would greatly appreciate it!

McGuffey Monday, err. . .Wensday! :)

Greetings! Well, at this moment it is Wensday not Monday, but I suppose that I need to stay on track with my commitment. To explain myself let me say that I have decreed Mondays to be “McGuffey Mondays” and I am hoping to quote from the godly and lovely McGuffey Electic Reader I’ve been going through. So I’ll get started!

“The Little Bird’s Song” 
page 44
1. A little bird, with feathers brown ,
Sat singing on a tree;
The song was very soft and low, 
But sweet as it could be. 
2. The people who were passing by, 
Looked up to see the bird
 That made the sweetest melody
That they had ever heard.
3. But all the bright eyes looked in vain;
Birdie was very small,
And with his modest, dark-brown coat,
He made no show at all.
4. “Why, father,” little Gracie said,
“Where can the birdie be?
If I could sing a song like that,
I’d sit where folks could see.”
5. “I hope my little girl will learn
A lesson from the bird,
And try to do what good she can,
Not to be seen or heard.
6. “This birdie is content to sit
Unnoticed on the way,
And sweetly sing his Maker’s praise
From dawn to close of day.
7. So, live, my child, all through your life,
That, be it short or long,
Though others may forget your looks,
They’ll not forget your song.”

Isn’t that such a lovely poem, sisters? Let us be as the little bird and sing our Maker’s praise without reputation and fame. Instead, let us live in the fear of the Lord and walk in His ways. Notice that the little bird was content to be unseen and to serve his Lord. Oh, that I too may have such a content heart! Well, off I go for bed. Have a blessed day sisters!

“Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.”
Psalms 31:30

I’ve been tagged~if you follow me you’ve been tagged too! :)

Hello dear sisters! Well, I’ve been “tagged” for the first time! Sarah from Country Musings tagged me! I’m excited!

First, there are a few rules. One- please tag eight people and do not tag the one who tagged you. Second- if you would not like to answer a certain question, simply change it to one you like and answer that. 
It is fun, so if you have the time, enjoy!
Alright, let’s get started-

What song are you currently listening to a lot?
Lately, I’ve been listening to a lovely cd which puts Bible verses and chapters to song and not only is it sweet to listen to, but it encourages my memorizing different areas of the Bible. A sweet blessing!

What books are you currently reading?
Oh boy, you mean what am I not reading? I have the bad habit of picking up a book, finding a place to start reading (generally not the beginning), and then setting it down! Recently though I picked up a children’s version of Pilgrims Progress and I enjoyed it very much and look forward to reading more. I’m also reading a revised version of a McGuffey Electic reader and from that “McGuffey Mondays” have been born. Finally, I’ve been reading my Bible of which I’m so thankful its been given to us.  

What did you do today that was really fun?
Well, seeing that I haven’t started my day really I guess the most exciting thing I’ve done is (prepare yourself) found a very disgusting dog tick on our floor. We captured it and are disgustedly waiting to show Dad when he gets home. πŸ™‚

Do you sing a lot?
Yes, I do love to sing. I love hymns and am so glad for music. I’m just learning how to sing nicely, but I do love it!

Sweet or Salty?
Well, I like salty thins sometimes but would have to say sweets are a downfall of mine.

What is your favorite hobby?
I like alot of things, but lately I’ve been enjoying keeping up my room and making cards with stamps. Thank you dear Mrs. Rowland and Momma!

What books have you read at least 3 times?
I’m not really sure. πŸ™‚ Like I wrote earlier, I’m in the bad habit of starting one and never finishing it. πŸ™‚  

What sites do you always visit when you go online?
Well, mostly I start with looking at my email and blog and then I like to look at other Christian’s blogs and what they have going on.

What was the last thing you bought?
Besides a meal, I bought an outfit for my cousin’s wedding. She asked me to be one of her brides maids! πŸ™‚

Which fictional character do you think you are most like?
Well, I’m not really sure. I can tell you who I would like to be like. . .Elsie from the Elsie Dinsmore Series, Beth from Little Women, and a few others of whom I can’t think of right now.

Favorite earliest memory?
Well, I have alot. I guess one is when I lost my first tooth (It think it was my first) in Illonois. We had lots of guests in the home, I wasn’t feeling well, and when I woke up the next morning I had $5 and a pack of grape bubble gum under my pillow. πŸ™‚

What do you do to change your mood?
Well, if I do get in a cross mood I’ve found that talking to Jesus is the real changer of my emotions! And I just experienced this truly yesterday when I was struggling with something. If I just realize that Jesus wants me to love others, will teach me through the bad moment, and is the one I am actually serving I’m able to serve as He wants me to. What a great God we serve! 
When I am struggling though, sometimes I sing hymns which is a real blessing, read a sweet book, or play my violin.  

What was the last meal you ate?
Well, considring that I just ate breakfast I had Raisen Brand with milk. But, as for an official meal, Momma made yummy stuffed peppers last night! They were yummy! πŸ™‚

Do you want to learn another langauge?
Yes, I would like to learn another language. Specifically, something I could use on a mission field. Also, I would like to learn Spanish and sign language both of which are needed to minister to people right here in the U.S.

Five things you cannot live without:
Well, determining between what I feel I could live without? πŸ™‚
My actual life. (How practical πŸ™‚
Jesus Christ my Savior
Food and water (both physically and spiritually)
Family and fellowship ( I could live without these, but how much more pleasant is life with love and friendship?)
Clothing (again, I could live without clothes, but complete immodesty I think would kill me!) πŸ™‚

Find the closest book currently sitting near you, and flip to page 54. What is the 1st sentence of the 2nd paragraph?
The closest actual book (I get to choose from the book shelf πŸ™‚ is The Road from Home by David Kherdian.
 It says, ‘”It will be an excellent preparation for what is to come,” Grandpa said.’
The Road to Home is about the persecution and holocausts of the Armenian people beginning in 1915. I cannot remember anything innapropriate in this and I was very much challenged by this terrible, but true historical book. I would recommend it!

What is something you would like to say to someone right now?
Have a blessed day! πŸ™‚ (Hehe)

What are you looking forward to?
I’m looking forward to a day when things are not so rushed, visiting with good friends, and becoming more of what the Lord desires of me.

Well, seeing that I have seven known followers πŸ™‚ I will tag them if they would like to do this.
Mrs. Wilson, Mrs. Adams, Karis, Emily Rachael, Eden, Addie.
Have a blessed day sweet sisters,

A lovely giveaway by Eden! ~ You may want to join!

Greetings dear sisters! I recently began following Eden at her blog- Heirs of Promice -a very lovely blog. And  she is hosting her first giveaway! She has crocheted three lovely dishcloths and one dish towel and she would like to invite you to join in on the fun! Her link is at Heirs of Promice and there you will be able to see how to register!

                                         Here is a picture of her hand-made, lovely dish towel!
    And here is a picture of one of her dishcloths!
Can you tell I’m excited? πŸ™‚

Well, off I go to unload the dishwasher! If you would like, sign up to Eden’s contest sisters and have a blessed day!
 Through Him,

McGuffey Mondays

Hello again my dear sisters in Christ! About two years ago I picked up a few  revised McGuffey Readers published by Christian Liberty at a yardsale. At this time I’m reading a revised McGuffey Electic Reader. Some of you may have read these before, but I have never read one and I am so thankful I found it! I have been blessed many times by the various stories within this Electic Reader and because I was so blessed I wanted to share a few stories with you! So, after seeing the creativness of other fellow bloggers I decided to make Mondays “McGuffey Mondays”! I’m very excited. I’m hoping that the sweet old-timiness, slightly difficult reading, and the uplifting of good character may bless you as much as it has me. So, even though today is not Monday I thought I would get started.

“Who Made the Stars”
“Mother, who made the stars, which light
The beautiful blue sky?
Who made the moon, so clear and bright,
That rises up so high?”
“‘Twas God, my child, the Glorious One,
He formed them by his power;
He made alike the brilliant sun,
And every leaf and flower.
“He made your little feet to walk;
Your sparkling eyes to see;
Your busy, prattling tongue to talk,
And limbs so light and free.
“He paints each fragrant flower that blows,
With loveliness and bloom;
He gives the violet and the rose
Their beauty and perfume.
“Our various wants his hands supply;
He guides us every hour;
We’re kept beneath his watchful eye,
And guarded by his power.
“Then let your little heart, my love,
Its grateful homage pay
To that kind Friend, who, from above,
Thus guides you every day.
“In all the changing scenes of time,
On him our hopes depend;
In every age, in every clime,
Our Father and our Friend.”
Isn’t that lovely dear sisters? If the Lord wills, may we be as the mother in this poem. And if God decides to keep us single, may we be kind and gentle, answering younger people’s questions, and always pointing to our Lord. Well, that is all for today! Let’s be all He wants us to be my fellow sisters.
By his grace,