Peace, Love and a Finished Work // Coffee Series

Coffee With You Series

Ancient of Days! except thou deign

Upon the finished task to smile,

The workman’s hand hath toiled in vain,

To hew the rock and rear the pile.

Oh, let thy peace, the peace that tames

The wayward heart, inhabit here,

That quenches passion’s fiercest flames,

And thaws the deadly frost of fear.

And send thy love, the love that bears

Meekly with hate, and scorn, and wrong,

And loads itself with generous cares,

And toils, and hopes, and watches long.

Here may bold tongues thy truth proclaim,

Unmingled with the dreams of men,

As from His holy lips it came

Who died for us, and rose again.

— William Cullen Bryant, 1864

“Oh, let thy peace, the pace that tames … inhabit here. And send thy love, the love that bears meekly with hate and scorn and wrong, and loads itself with generous cares, and toils and hopes and watches long.”

I love those two phrases; how happy I was to discover such poetic lines which explained exactly my heart’s current cry. Oh, may the gentle peace of Jesus’ presence tame my wayward heart, quench my fiery passions and thaw my deadly fear. If, I were to choose three areas I struggle in, I would choose the same three above: a wayward heart (easily distracted from loving my Lord), a fiery passion (an irritable, angry spirit), and deadly fear (fear of man, of failure …).

But, oh, how good it is to know that He willingly supplies me with His love. His love which bears meekly when wronged, scorned and hated; his love which generously carries the burdens of others; his love which toils for right, hopes unendingly, and watches long.

Sometimes, I get discouraged. I spend too much time in introspective thought and forget that I am loved and pursued by a God who says things like, “This is the day the LORD has made — rejoice and be glad in it!” and “It is God which is always working in you both to will and to do of his good pleasure.”

Friend, I hope you remember to rejoice in the good work God is doing in you today. Look up, sing, laugh and choose to rest in the peace and love which can end your faults and lead you to accomplishing more than you imagine.

With love and a hot cup of coffee,


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