A Photography Contest~ Of Flowers!

Oh, how exciting! Since beginning this blog I have found many lovely blogs to follow, one of which is Johanna’s at “An Old Fashion Girl.” She has announced that she is hosting a flower photography contest and I thought it would be alot of fun. Missouri, at least our part, has been very beautiful this spring, so I cannot resist signing up! Allie is naturally a very good photographer and I, well. . .hehe. . .struggle with focusing the camera, finding a good target, and have a very tiny bit of knowledge concerning that setting button. What I mean is that I am a beginner photographer-ess and am only excited by the beauty of God’s creation. . .and I like to express that by taking pictures! :o) Before I get started I just wanted to invite you to participate in this fun contest. You can find the rules and register at this link.
Here I go!

This tree was very pretty…as the petals fell off the tree I couldn’t help but think that in Alaska the only white things falling in the air was snowflakes! 🙂
These are such lovely flowers. This Spring is the first time I have ever seen these lovely creatures…I don’t think they grow in the Alaska.
Ooh! Please excuse the dead buttercup I just sighted. Perhaps it is a good example of how beautiful life is contrasted to the ugliness of death? 🙂
I thought this one was sweet with the white building behind it.

Isn’t God good to give us such beautiful things?!
 Have a blessed day, dear sisters, and God bless you!
With love,

3 thoughts on “A Photography Contest~ Of Flowers!

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    A contrast of how beautiful life is to death. That is a good thought. However, death is a sweet thing in a way. It means we get to be with our Savior!!! 🙂

    great pics!! I loved them, especially the last one… I sent your blog to my sis who loves photography. She took some GREAT pics the other day of a blossoming tree we have in one of our yards. Maybe she will enter!

    In Christ Alone,

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    Yes it is true! Death can be a beautiful thing when we get to be with our Saviour!

    Thank you! I liked the last one too. 🙂 I hope your sister does join. . .it's fun!

    Have a blessed day sister! Frannie

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