Praise the Lord I’m done!

Hello dear sisters! I hope this day finds you all well. This is such an amazing time in a my life, a time of spring, a time of being with my family (either physically or in heart!), a time of cleaning, and a time of growing in the Lord (although I must say that He is the gardener, not I).

I’m happy to say that I am officially done with my first year in college. For many of you who don’t know, with the blessings of my parents and the urgings of the Lord, I have been taking classes with the hopes of becoming a teacher one day. This past school year I have been taking classes from a local satellite school two days a week. My momma has even been taking classes with me and tonight I took my last test! Praise the LORD! I also want to congratulate my dear momma who also is done with this year and also finished her associate degree! Congratulations Mommy-dearest!

A second announcement is that I will be attending College of the Ozarks starting this January. I recently received their letter of acceptance. This whole thing is pretty neat because I had applied once before and was not accepted. After applying the second time I felt that I was going to be accepted and was very disappointed when I was not. However, our God works in mysterious ways. You see, during this time I was developing a feministic and “independent of my authorities” attitude which I believe is very dangerous and outside of the will of God for a woman and daughter. So, when I was not accepted for the second time I saw that my heart was in danger and that I desired things outside of the will of God. By God’s grace I asked Him to show me the meek, quiet, submissive, and home-keeping heart I knew He wanted me to have. And praise the Lord He did! So, you see, it is no coincidence that I was accepted only after the Lord did a work in my heart. No, I believe that God knew exactly what He was doing and I praise Him for it. . .even though it involved disappointment in the beginning!

In the mean time I am purposing to become more and more the Christian girl, sister, and servant I ought to be. Sometimes I get so off track! But God’s love is amazing and He pulls me back through His discipline and love. A few goals I have for this summer are: To be a productive and encouraging servant at Discover Ministries, the Christian camp where I work as a cook. To learn home duties and spring clean! Learn how to can and can some things. Write my sister Allie who is working in Wyoming. (Allie we miss you and I hope you are having a splendid time) To grow in the Lord and becoming a godly woman.
And to be a blessing to my family!

Well, off I go to look for some ideas for the give-away. Please don’t forget to vote!
May the Lord bless you all, dear sisters. Have a wonderful day!

3 thoughts on “Praise the Lord I’m done!

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    Congratulations, Frannie! I'm so very happy for you! I can imagine you're very relieved at finishing and exited! I can't wait for your giveaway!


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    I'm so happy for you Frannie!! What a wonderful accomplishment!
    Can't wait to see what you do for a giveaway! 🙂

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