Pregnancy Update: Bragging on my Husband

I love him! @

I want to brag on my Beloved for a little bit.

It’s our 3rd full day at the hospital and I’ve got to say that I couldn’t have made this journey without Dalton. He is such a comfort to my heart. During the shots, IV placements, and worries he holds my hand and gives me space — because he knows that’s how I handle pain.

He doesn’t complain about his “new bed,” the green couch he’s named Laurence. Every night he wheels it close to my bed and we snuggle the best we can with the height difference and IV in the way.

When he isn’t working he walks down to the cafeteria and buys himself something to eat at mealtimes. My meals are included in our stay but he gets to pay which means he doesn’t spend much on himself — he’s already told me he misses my big meals! 😉 But he never complains and normally I have way more than needed so we share meals together which makes life feel more normal.

When I get nervous about all the unknowns Dalton notices and asks me about my feelings. This is when we pray together and I let go of my worries and then he reminds me of all the good that has been happening and where we are at — the safest place for Uriah to be at the moment.

Daily, Dalton tidies our room, fluffs my pillows and sheets, fills up my water bottle, and brings me coffee when I need a pick me up. While I busy myself with my laptop and lists he quietly makes himself at home watching videos on his iPad.

I’ve made lists of things I’d like him to bring back to me from our home and he’s so cheerful about helping me! Things like “water the mums” and “check the mail” aren’t too small for him; he knows how much my mums and mail mean to me! 😉 Plus, the first day he was home alone I called and caught him washing the dishes we left in the sink. He is such a gem!

Today was Dalton’s first day back to work and, boy, do I miss that man! His smile, humor, and encouragement are so important to me. I can’t wait till he gets back so we can snuggle, laugh, and talk.

I am SO thankful for Dalton Duncan falling in love with me, pursuing me, and marrying me. Being his wife has been one of my life’s greatest privileges.

What do you LOVE about your husband? How has your husband loved you like Christ loves the Church? I would love to hear your story in the comments below! 

Love, blessings, and coffee,


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    Oh Frannie! What a blessing a good man is in the hard times, And it sounds as if GOD has blessed you with a VERY good man. 🙂

    I couldn’t help but smile at some of the similarities your story has with mine of last year. I too have been blessed with a VERY good man. Without a single complaint he slept on that hard bench the night after my surgery. He took me to chemo each morning and stayed with me until the first drip started. And of course he was there every time holding my hand and reminding me to breathe (and at times keeping me from running) during IV insertions and blood draws.

    How great is our LORD to give us a rock to lean on in the storms. 🙂

    Praying for both of you sweet friend!

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