A Promise and a Tag

Greetings of love to you in the name of Jesus!

 I hope this finds everyone very well; we’ve been enjoying a burst of lovely springtime weather. I so enjoy hearing spring peepers peep, birds sing, and the smell of freshly mowed grass. While watching some children today I had one of those moments . . . a moment of  “aha.” I had a brief peek into the joys of motherhood and it was so sweet. I was sitting on a beach towel with a one year old and eight year old and Dakota, the teddy-bear giant of a Pyranesse. And the four year-old? he was enjoying driving about in his battery operated Jeep . . . going over mulch piles was his idea of great entertaiment. Just a small, quick moment but one of promise and joy.

On a seperate note Vickie from no Longer Afraid has tagged me; thanks Vickie for thinking of me. How fun!

Ten Things I’ve Done This Year

1.  Began singing in our church’s choir

2.  Laughed and learned with several dear ladies in Beth Moore’s James: Mercy Triumphs

Right here

3. Unpacked more boxes for my room since our last move . . . while finding out that I have too much

4. Actually enjoyed my math class. Finding solutions and simplyfying equations is quite enjoyable when I’m not crying 🙂


5.  Had the blessing of sharing Ghana with my church family

6. Began teaching Sunday School–1st and 2nd graders sharing their stories, making me laugh, ad eager to learn about Jesus

7. House sat for the first time

8. Turned another year older

9. Began reading Operation World

10. Undertaken Bible memorization . . . its going painfully slow yet the more I dedicate to it the more I’ll reap

Ten Things I Want to Do This Year

1. Continue diligently in my Bible memorization

2. Work in the garden with my family . . . my first garden!


3. Finish this semester whole-heartedly

4. Hold another tea party with the little women in my area


5. Continue making friends with my Indian neighbor

6. Learn Spanish with my Rosetta Stone

7. Lord willing, go with my church to Texas’ border and work short term with a mission group

8. Make this with my Sunday School class

And here

9. Attend a Bible school with my brother . . . a long-held, dear hope of mine 🙂

10. Make myself a willing, joyful servant around home

I hope you all have a blessed Thursday!


4 thoughts on “A Promise and a Tag

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    Fun post, Frannie!! I liked seeing the things you've done this year, and the things you hope to do! 🙂 Now it will be neat to see if you get everything done. I did a big list, and I'm not sure I'll get every thing done.. haha! 🙂
    Blessings, my sister!

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    Hi Frannie! I'm glad you enjoyed the tag! You've done some great things so far this year, and I'm rather humbled by your goals … I hope soon I'll finish school and my life will slow down enough that I can do some of the really worthwhile things you're doing. 🙂

    I enjoyed your "motherhood moment" story, too – I used to work in a daycare when I was a teenager, and I remember very clearly when I used to rock the tiny babies and give them their warm bottles, and feel so strange, like "oh … so THAT'S what it's going to be like someday!" I agree, it's definitely a moment of hope and excitement. 🙂

    Have a wonderful day, my friend!

    Love in Christ,

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