Rainy Day Pleasures

“Consider this.  From the first few drops of gentle sprinkling, to a wind-lashing deluge, rain is a permissive pal.  Rain restores serenity to our daily endeavors because it slows us down, or it should.  It’s been my observation that when it rains, no one–from the dog to the boss–really expects much to happen or get done.  This means we get to indulge in activities that would otherwise make us feel guilty–dawdling, idle converstaion with coworkers, naps.  “Gosh, isn’t the weather dreadful,” we mutter as our frazzled bodies and restless spirits downshift with a sigh of relief.”

Sarah Ban Breathnach — Romancing The Ordinary

Enjoy your day, sweet soul. I hope there may be moments throughout it made of peace, relaxation and the enjoyment of real priorities.

Love, blessings and coffee,


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2 thoughts on “Rainy Day Pleasures

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    This is beautiful and true! I love rainy days at work because everything definitely slows down and becomes more relaxed and more calm. And stormy days are best of all, because we all gather close together and look out at the weather, sharing storm stories and teasing friends who aren’t from the Midwest (and therefore are more nervous about our storms). I definitely love this quote! 🙂

    I hope your spirit is resting and calming in the rain, Frannie!! I love you!

    ~ Vicki

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    Rainy days are the best. And I got to have 2 this week! 😀

    Thank-you for sharing this beautiful quote! I hope you are able to have a relaxing rainy day yourself, very soon! 😀


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