Rambling Along the River

Today, after work, I took a
short drive to one of our local national parks and parked the little, red truck
near the river. I slipped on my gloves and tied a scarf about my head and took
off; Laughter slipped from my mouth as the fish swam hurriedly across the
bottom in the opposite direction and I relaxed while I observed the beauty
of the clear, cold river water.

It had been a good day full of
paper work to be done, envelopes to stuff, phones to answer. I enjoyed my dear
friend (and boss’) homemade cocoa and eventually ate a late lunch of her sloppy
joes. I love days like this.

But it had also been a long day
and my mind needed a quiet place—if only for a few moments.

So I skipped some rocks. Enjoyed
the squish-squish sound treaded sand makes. Looked after some animal tracks. I
prayed—soft prayers, loud prayers, beggar prayers, praise filled prayers.

And soon enough my heart began
to sing. Because God is so much bigger than our earthly pains. I found rest in
His sovereign oversight and grace. He would work all things out for good.

Where do you go to clear your head and/or realize the
goodness and power of God?

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