Readily Seen

Could he,

Would the sincerity
of my smile warm his skin? My ready, listening ear catch his attention? Would
my words bring cheer and healing to his soul? And could he perceive the
thankfulness in my actions and feel my honored heart beat with humility?

I know he
would catch strings of laughter escape my mouth. He would hear sincere
conversation and praise and know that he must be close to a man of great worth.
He would sense friendship within the light atmosphere and decide that he was seated
next to a couple who were best friends and comrades; in our silence he would
gather that we are so much more than play. His heart would warm when he
discovered through your quiet actions that he was in the presence of a man who
loves big, loves gently, and loves boldly.
 And I think he would rejoice in the warmth of a love only God can create.

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