Real Life Wednesdays: #3

All I seem to do these days is write about my real life … on Wednesdays.
But I feel you need to see this; this real moment of my life.
It was a cold, frozen morning. Mr. Duncan and I snuggled within the tiny, frostbitten blind—I with my hot cocoa and he with his dry oatmeal— wondering how long it would be before a deer made its way across the field in front of us. The first hour passed full of snuffled laughter and the clinching of frozen fingers. Slowly, the second hour passed more quietly except for the occasional snore which escaped the sleeping hunters.
Then it happened.
His excellent hearing caught the quietest sound: a young buck gingerly walking from the woods. Quickly, I was woken up and, stumbling around like a blind mole, was given my glasses and told to look out the tiny window. Excitement made my breath run short; raising the gun, using my scope exactly as instructed, I looked out.
“I can do this. We could use the meat. He looks so young. It will make dad proud. But he is so cute.”
Lower the gun, raise the gun, lower again.
“I can’t do it, Dalton.”
“You know you don’t have too.”
Raise the gun. Lower in resignation. Raise. Lower. Raise. Lower. Peek out at the beautiful buck, with Dalton peeking right next to me, raise the gun. Lower. Raise up.
“Aim where you were taught. Breathe. Breathe. Ready ….”
The gun-shot was so loud my poor hunting partner, who I had forgotten to warn about my final decision, feared his A+ hearing no longer existed. The deer darted away, over the hills and through the woods, quite literally, until he dropped near my dad’s whereabouts.
And that is the story of my first deer.
With love,

One thought on “Real Life Wednesdays: #3

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    Woohoo!!! Getting your first buck is a huge accomplishment – congratulations! I know what you mean about them being cute, but you're right, you guys will love to have the meat. Besides, my hunting friends always remind me that there's a big deer overpopulation problem in most areas, and hunting a few of them actually keeps the rest of them healthier. So maybe that will help you feel better about that part of it. 😉

    But for the rest of it, you should be super proud – you did a great job! Good for you!! <3


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