Return of the Blogger

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Ah … hello sweet reading peoples.

It has been a very good blog-on-the-back-shelf, must focus on grace, freedom and life month and my heart is refreshed and rested.

However, I have missed writing, reading your comments and enjoying life with you and plan a full return to this sweet place.

This has been a revolutionizing month for me. I was extremely busy with projects I had become responsible for. One ended up being a stress-filled, awesome success and the other ended miserably. At the end of it all I found myself exhausted, harried, and losing track of my true priorities; after a few good arguments with my Beloved I began to realize that I had to change a few things starting with my feeding and pursuing my idea of perfection.

Amid the busyness there have been sweet moments of visiting with friends, serving at church and heart-to-heart conversations with people I very much love.

So, here’s to blogging again, letting Christ be my perfection and the beauty of the Christmas season. Because my trees up, ya’ll and I couldn’t be more excited.

Love, blessings and coffee,


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