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Hello, sweet friends!

Currently, I am sitting in my comfy chair with a mug full of black coffee. The windows are open, a candle is lit and I am enjoying the quiet and relaxation an empty Friday brings.  Ah … things have been quite busy in our little home and with that busyness comes slackness in  responding to your comments and forgetting to write Coffee With You posts. It’s so good to know my blogworld friends are sweet, patient souls. 🙂

Earlier this year the principal from a local Christian school asked me if to consider helping out in the library. Then, I was asked to consider teaching the weekly P.E. class. D and I discussed the possibilities, I dreamt up perfect library lesson plans, googled fun and productive P.E. exercises. Soon I found myself attending a morning safety course, organizing and dusting shelves in the afternoon and driving back to attend my first ever open house as a staff member. What a wonderful, busy whirlwind!

It’s such a blessing — honestly, it feels like I am being paid to have a hobby. I already knew many of the children from my time as a substitute teacher last year and I look forward to sharing my love for good literature and play. I’ll be in the school two times a week but have been given a flexible schedule since it was important to D and I that we have the freedom to travel and visit family during the week.

Isn’t it cute? I’m still in the process of ensuring the books are properly cataloged, finding an effective method of organizing/reshelving books, and getting efficiently organized. I’m on my feet for five hours straight with little time in between classes so I need to have my ducks in a row for the time to be as smooth and productive as possible.

I have to admit that one of my favorite aspects of the job is that I get to decorate according to my set theme and season. For now I’ll keep the room summery but soon we’ll be transitioning into fall and as I introduce the semester’s chapter books I’ll bring in more interactive, hands-on décor and activities. I’m planning to read Sarah, Plain and Tall to the 2nd and 3rd graders and have all sorts of fun ideas to go along with it!

Most importantly, I get to spend the majority of my time being what I most love: a keeper of the home. I don’t consider myself having a job, merely a really awesome, fun, creative outlet I get paid for.

I am looking forward to the joys and challenges of adjusting my schedule. I’m a creature of habit so even the simplest bits of change take time for me! (Like cleaning and paying bills on Fridays instead of Thursdays and remembering to make supper ahead of time so Thursday evenings can be spent with my Beloved instead of busyness and cooking). I’ll also be changing my blogging schedule and set aside a day for writing lesson plans.

Which reminds me! I have so many exciting things I cannot wait to write about this season. I’ll be shaking things up with a weekly post on the week’s menus (because I tend to cook the same things over and over again and need some inspiration! ;). I’ll also be sharing some teacherly things as I settle into my role as librarian and P.E. lady. And I cannot forget to write about the good things God has been teaching me in my marriage and personal life.

So, with that all said, I must sign off. My coffee cup is empty and I have a full day of accomplishing tasks (at my own pace) and eventually picking up a few girlies for some time at the public library.

What are you up too? Whatever it is I hope it is full of God’s overabundant grace and love.

With so much love and blessings,





4 thoughts on “Schoolhouse News and Daily Life // Coffee Series

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    Isn’t that great news, Frannie! All your creative side will be involved in both the library and the teaching, and I’m sure you will make it fun.
    I ran our school library for many years, taking it from a forlorn old room up to a super place that came top in State assessments! I used a little team of Year 6 children to be ‘librarians’ and taught them how the Dewey system worked, how to read stories to little ones, and how to organise shelves. They felt so important!

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      Miss Barbara, I love that we share this! What a legacy you have … oh, how I wish I could see the library you created!

      I have been having *so much fun* since I started working in the library and as the p.e. teacher. I have learned so much already. And I’ve begun a system for helping the students “adopt bookshelves” where they arrange, tidy and order the books … they really seem to enjoy it so far.

      You are a blessing to me!

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    Oh how exciting you get to teach, Frannie! Being able to decorate a classroom , and come up with new activities to keep the kiddos excited is the best part. 😀

    No teaching for me this year. 🙁 But I am currently working on getting an Etsy shop set up. With that I have been working on our home office, so I can clear our kitchen table of all the glue, markers, and all manner of craft stuff. 😀

    Have a wonderful time prepping for your classes! 😀

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      Sweet Angel, I cannot wait to see all of the beautiful, crafty things you make for your Etsy store. You must blog about that when the time comes.

      I’m smiling to myself imaging your table covered in supplies and glue and such. My floor seems to become covered in seconds the moment I begin crafting.

      I hope you are doing well. You are often on my mind and I appreciate who you are and who you are letting God create you to be.

      With so much love to you!

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