Secret Sin

Hello! I hope this finds you all well and trusting in Jesus Christ. I just found this poem and desire to share it with you; so often it is the “little” or secret sins which gain control over our hearts. Brothers and sisters, let us endeavor to turn to the light of Jesus Christ and allow Him to shine His love and grace on the hidden areas of our heart. Only then can we be free! Remember, sin will always take us farther and deeper than we intended.

Secret Sin

I let a little sinful thought
Dwell in my heart one day.
I meant to play with it awhile
And then send it away. Of course I kept it hidden well
So none would ever know
That I had entertained a guest
Of character so low. But do you know, that little thing
Just grew and grew until
It crowded out the good and true
And overcame my will. No longer could I keep it hid
Nor could I bid it go;
Who would have thought that little thing
Could cause such bitter woe? I had to take it to the cross,
To plead the Savior’s blood;
And then at last my weary soul
Regained its peace with God. O watch the “little things,” dear child.
Like seeds they’re sure to grow,
Destroying true soul happiness—
How well, how well I know! -Author unknown

May God bless you as you press on towards Him!

In Jesus name, Frannie P.S. While browsing Charity Ministries website I found this encouraging poem.

6 thoughts on “Secret Sin

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    Oh, Frannie, this is so true!! Thank you for sharing that with me. We watched a video of Joshua Harris doing something kind of similar-entertaining sin. It was very good and thought provoking.

    Thank you for sharing this! I think I will print it and put it on my wall so I can always remember. 🙂

    In Christ's Service,

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    ~:~ It was a wonderful reminder to me!! 🙂 I am so thankful you each were blessed by it. Have a blessed day friends! Frannie

    ~:~ I am so glad you stopped by Carol!! May the Lord bless your day! Frannie

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