Serious Happiness

“There is a kind of happiness and wonder that makes you serious.”

C.S. Lewis

The role of wife has given me so many wonderful blessings, happenings and memories. When you’re in love and in Christ there seems to be a sort of wonder and happiness which the worst days cannot wash away. I’ve noticed, however, that with the glee happiness brings there is a sense of seriousness. Eternity is in the making, folks, in our little home.

Last evening I kissed my Darling Man and snuggled into bed beside him; my heart melted as I watched his fading smile as he entered the beginning stages of sleep. Despite my grumpy moods, lonely spells and ability to forget my blessings he was happy. And that realization made me abundantly glad and a tad more serious then I am used to.

We women have a serious undertaking.

We can make or break the men, families, work environment and church body in our lives.

 How well we love, or don’t love, will impact our little worlds in profound ways. How well I submit, respect and care for my husband will affect him; no, I am not responsible for his decisions or walk with Christ but I am responsible for how my life affects his.

And that can be a scary thought!

There have been days when I’ve made our little lives hard. I have been ungrateful, disrespectful and worldly minded. It’s a wonderful blessing that I have such a heaven-minded man but it would be a mistake to depend on his character to make up for my own.

(p.s. Thankfully, I married an Awesome Guy who loves me, he prays for me and understands that I am human and flawed … but now we’re sidetracked by sappiness.)

I am seriously happy. Serious enough to know that my wife-hood does affect eternity. Happy enough to know that all good love stories take time and that there is enough grace for me to walk victoriously.

With allota love, blessings and coffee,


// those darling succulents were our wedding favors + captured by the beautiful Amelia //


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