Setting up Home in Our Newest Rental

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Dalton and I can officially be declared nomads. In our 2 years and 3 months of married bliss we have lived in 3 different, beautiful rentals all within a 5 mile proximity of each other. (See house one here and house two here.)

I think we’re adventurous beings. 😉

Either way, we are officially moved in and enjoying our newest home. It’s an older rental with 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom and plenty of Jefferson City charm!

The Story

For me, in the midst of hormones, fearing a miscarriage, and pregnancy symptoms, excitement over our possible move was slow coming. Though smaller, our last home was darling. It was newer and in many ways cleaner; I had finally gotten the decorations and set-up exactly as I dreamed. Roses were blooming beautifully out the bedroom window and the neighbors we’re delightful.

It was a total toss-up when deciding to apply for our new rental. Both houses were lovely with different pros and cons. Our old house had no outdoor privacy and a small, crowded street while the new rental had it’s own smallish yard, a private large front porch, and a small private patio in the back. Ours was smaller by 300 square feet but the new rental would need a good scouring before I’d feel totally at home. However, the new rental had charm, large windows, a dining room, shutters, a fireplace, a 1950’s yellow kitchen, and beautiful built-ins. Plus, our new home is 1 mile from downtown with wonderful walking path — we love our downtown walks!

We left it up to the Lord and applied for the new rental knowing there were several ahead of us in the application process. Then we tried our best to be patient (actually, I was the only one who struggled in that department). 😉

One long week later we got word we were the chosen ones. 😉 Of course, you’ve read about my 7 step plan for making moving more fun (or less miserable). Those are the exact steps I took to preparing to move.

The Now

Now, here we are. Dalton absolutely loves our new home. For me, love is still growing in my heart. 😉 I’ve got to get down and dirty with some of the grime in the vents and along the trim before I fall head-over-heels in love.

But really, I am falling more in love with our home every day. Now that our miscarriage scare is over I feel more freedom to actually enjoy decorating and making our rental into our home. I have a whole new palette to dream and scheme over — there are walls to paint, a nursery to create, closets to organize, and a theme to design.

Our kitchen is a delightful yellow, 1950’s scheme with its own chandelier, and oven insert, and tall white cabinets.

Our 1950's rental kitchen at

Our rental kitchen at

Our rental kitchen at

There are two bedrooms and we picked the front room for our master bedroom; it’s got three tall windows which casts a dreamy light on our blue bedspread and chalk-painted furniture.

Our rental at

The second bedroom will be a combo guest room and nursery. I’m still working on this room but until I finish here’s a peek at the built-in! AH! I would like to paint this a soft, sea-blue color but even without the paint look at it! It will be the perfect place to keep Baby Duncan’s things as well as my craft supplies and books.

Our rental at

Enter our living room from the front porch and you’ll see our beautiful fireplace framed by two smallish windows with their very own shutters. Don’t mind our tv cords — eventually we plan to mount the tv.

Our rental at

Turning away from the mantle you’ll see the rest of our living room. I’m in the process of arranging furniture and decorating. The large wall above the couch is in need of a gallery wall or maybe a few darling wedding canvases.

Our rental at


Let’s Hear From You

Soon, I’ll be sharing some of my diy, rental-friendly ideas I plan to implement into our new home. In the mean time, inspire me with your latest creativity! What have you been creating, scheming of, or working on? 

Love, blessings, and coffee,


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Setting up Home in Our Newest Rental

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