Simple, Easy Ideas for Valentine’s Day for the Whole Family

“You mean more to me than anyone else in the whole wide world.”

– Peter Pan

This Valentine’s Day will be Uriah’s first at home! His first Valentines took place in the NICU — so thankful we are home and able to celebrate the holidays together (even though we do miss our nurses!).

My mom couldn’t be beat when it came to celebrating the holidays and Valentine’s Day was always made special for us children. Gift baskets would be filled with red and pink treats … little things like body soap, candies, candles, or notepads. She really has a gift for making holidays special! <3

This year, we’ll be celebrating Valentine’s Day together and I want to make it a special one for both Uriah and Dalton, my true Valentine!

Since there’s no danger of either reading this post I’ll let you in on the plan! (Real life readers … please keep my secret!) 😉

For Dalton, I will make a little gift basket with 5 coupons for a 1 hour massage by yours truly! (True love since I really stink at giving massages!). I’ll also tuck a pint of his favorite Halo Icecream, a kombucha drink, and a bar of Aldi dark chocolate. His favorites!

For Uriah, I’ll keep it simple with a little bag filled with a new teether, lavender baby lotion (since we’re out 😉 ), and a balloon tied to the side.

Simple yet meaningful gifts that won’t break the budget and will make the holiday special. What do you do for Valentine’s Day? Do you reserve gift giving for only your significant other or do you spread the love to the whole family?

Love, blessings, and a happy Valentine’s Day to you!


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    I love your Valentine’s Day ideas my friend!! Dalton and Uriah will love those special gifts, and I won’t breathe a word! 😉

    For our Valentine’s Day it will definitely be a family affair! We have decided to use a couple gift cards we have and go out to dinner and a movie! We are actually going to go on Tuesday to avoid the Valentine’s Day crowds at Arris’s Bistro and also take advantage of cheap ticket Tuesday! 😂 Then on actual Valentine’s Day I have some surprises for my two loves. Stu will get a sweet, sappy Valentine’s Day card that I will write a love letter in. (We always write each other sappy cards on Valentine’s Day) Plus a hand press portable espresso maker that he can take to work. I got it on sale and I know he’s wanted one so it worked out perfectly! And for Laura I’ve made up a cute Valentine box with stickers, a valentine stuffed animal, and special treats. 😊❤️ We will have a nice dinner at home that evening and I’ll make sure to let them each know how much they are loved! 😍 Hugs to you my friend and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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