Special Love from England

A few evenings ago, I received a lovely wedding present all the way from England.  
Ms. Barbara, from the blog Cornish Cream, was so generous and thoughtful and I cannot help but share her kindness with you!

Within the package was another bundled sweetly in ribbon and pretty paper.

And within that lace and a delicious lavender sachet.

Four colorful, wonderful tea towels met my eyes!
How special!

The most special of all were the four tea napkins which were given from her dear mother’s Irish collection.

Are they not the most adorable, dainty, priceless gifts ever?

I hope to carry one of these special tea napkins with me as a hankie on the wedding day–though I hope to keep any tears from staining them!
It will be a special part of my “something borrowed, something blue, something old, something new.”
What a remarkable, dear gift!
A thousand hugs and thank-you’s, Ms. Barbara!
Your love and kindness brightened my busy days tremendously!
With love and a very happy heart,

4 thoughts on “Special Love from England

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    I'm so happy that they arrived safely, dear Frannie. I know you mentioned herb theme for your kitchen, so thought the tea towels would fit in!
    You must be so busy as you get nearer the wedding date. Thinking of you!

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