Spring Around The House // Bunnies, Plants and Eggs

Spring has sprung around our little place and with it comes new beauty, fresh greenness and plenty of song birds.
Oh, and a heavy dose of spring fever.
I’ve been itching the last several weeks for the colder days to pass; while I wait, I have been making tiny adjustments in our apartment. I think wiping the dust from our homes, airing out rooms and decorating in simple ways is an excellent way to usher in the joys of spring.
In the kitchen, two bunnies (Mr. Salt + Miss Pepper) have found their way on the bakers wrack. A little jar is filled with flowering weeds a little friend gave me a few days ago.

While I wash dishes the (deliciously yummy!) scent of eucalyptus wafts from the front window. I found a bunch for $2.99 at Trader Joes. 🙂

Tiny spring touches have come to the living room. Do you remember the spray-painted branches I made in February? They are now “blooming” with yellow and white tissue paper blossoms.
(Heeheehe, you may also see dirty laundry waiting to be watched. Ooops! 🙂

A little rocking chair was recently given to us by sweet friends … I love my new seat as it is perfect for my height! (No more tippy-toe rocking for me! 🙂 The chalkboards have phrases like “Alleluia” and “Abundant Mercy” scribbled over them in an effort to bring Resurrection Sunday to mind.

The rest of the living room is decorated with tiny pastel colored eggs from Hobby Lobby. Dalton enjoyed tucking them into different places around the house. He is such a cutie. 🙂

Out the door our flower bed is beginning to grow — since this is our first spring here I am unsure as to what will be coming up but I think we have some roses, daffodils and tulips among the mix.
Last week I enjoyed laying new mulch over the dead leaves. Our neighbors (who are avid gardeners) were so kind in offering their bags of mulch and soil. Lord willing, D and I will try to grow some veggies in containers along the small driveway.

Does anyone know what this little beauty is?

Look closely and you will see our friends Miss Dove, Mr. Squirrel and three different feathered ones enjoying the bird feeder my daddy gave for Christmas.
I would *love* to see how you are ushering springtime into your homes and lives. Are you spring cleaning? Redecorating? Finishing finals? Trading in hot drinks for summer time treats like iced coffee?
Tell me what’s going on — I’d love to know!
With lots of love, blessings and hugs,

4 thoughts on “Spring Around The House // Bunnies, Plants and Eggs

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    Isn't it lovely to have better weather so one can plan the garden. Your pink flower is the remains of a Hyacinth. Leave it to die down and next year it will pop up again with lovely flowers.
    Vegetables can be grown in any containers, big pots, wooden troughs. Just make sure they have drainage holes and plenty of good earth/compost.

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      Yes, it *is* lovely! I walked to a nearby school earlier today to drop off some paperwork and enjoyed blooming lilacs, redbuds and colorful tulips. Our area is just dreamy with spring.

      I've planted a tomato, strawberry, (a few) green onions, lettuce and lavender. I visit my plants every day and talk with them … I'm sure the neighbors find me silly.


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      Oh!! Thank you, Carolann!! <3 I do try! Decorating and making our home cozy is top priority to me … I just love making the our world more beautiful!

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