Spring is Coming!

Hello again! Spring is arriving in our Missouri area and I am so excited! Here are a few “spring” things that have blessed my day and I hope your’s too!
~ Upcoming daffodils that have turned yellow and are beginning to bloom just today!
~ Open windows allowing the wild clean air in.
~ Windchimes joyfully ringing out their tune.
~ Froggies chirping a quircky song (one of my favorite sounds!).
~ Dropping my brother off so he may go fishing!
~ Reading a book outside in the gazebo on a sunny day.
~ The new arrival of bugs…yuck! :o)
~ A tiny tourest town preparing itself for a busy summer season.
~  The sun bathing the land in its special spring like way.
~ The ability and blessing in shedding that winter coat and having the freedom to wear a light sweater!

P.S. A little side note- Have you ever wanted to ride an elephant? That may seem like a silly question but I am so excited to say that I hope too! If the Lord wills, Allie and I will be going to a circus this Friday! Can you tell I’m excited? We were kindly blessed by Allie’s boss Mrs. Renee who runs a daycare and bought many tickets for us, her day-care children, and others! Momma says I went to a circus when I was younger, but I don’t remember. So. . .this is an adventure I am greatly looking forward to! Plus, if you pay, you can ride an elephant! I can tell you that I am willing to pay for this once in a life time experience! How fun! Please pray that our drive along with all of the children and their parents may be a safe one!

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