Springtime Giveaway // Random Acts of Kindness Entries

Hello, dearest ones!
It’s time for another beautiful giveaway … a time for having fun and receiving a little something in your mailbox!
This giveaway is a little different than the previous ones; shall I say it is a little more studious?
Because it is. 😉
But first some background.
Have any of you lovelies heard of the salt covenant? In olden days men would exchange a handful of sand to bind an agreement — let’s say Jeremiah wanted to buy Eli’s gorgeous 1 1/2 story, handcrafted, brick, garden home close to the eastern side of Nazareth (fishing rights were guaranteed to the owner!). After coming to an agreement of the purchase, the men would seal the deal by exchanging salt from their individuals bags. The salt would be inseparable once entering the other’s bag and an honorable and binding covenant would be formed.
That is a salt covenant … and when Dalton and I married he presented me with two bags of our own. It was a fun, special and meaningful way of forming a covenant with each other. And now the two little bags sit atop our bookshelf — a tangible reminder of our covenant to love, honor, serve and bless each other every day till death do us part.
The most important aspect is that God created the first covenants between Himself and man. If you are a believer in Jesus Christ then you have been accepted into a life-long covenant. What a joy it is to know are salvation and inheritance is promised and secure!
So, if you would enjoy learning more about the principals of the salt covenant and would also like to have two of your own (cute) salt bags this is what you need to do:
I’m sure you noticed that this giveaway is different then the usual … That’s because Dalton and I have been talking about the importance (not to mention fun!) of bringing real life in to our blogging communities. We both felt that this easy way of entering a giveaway would be a great start.
Question: Do you like this idea? What would you do differently?
I cannot wait to see the creativity and fun this giveaway can bring … blessings to each of you! 

4 thoughts on “Springtime Giveaway // Random Acts of Kindness Entries

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    What a lovely idea. I know you have mentioned salt bags previously and I did wonder what they meant to you both. Now I know!
    Thank you for the lovely postcard which arrived this week, you are so thoughtful!

    1. Avatar

      Hello, Miss Barbara!

      Oh, I'm so glad it arrived safely to you. 🙂

      And yes, the salt bags, are a funny thing if one doesn't know what they are. Hehehe!

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