Stand Still and See

Stand Still nd SEe

Greetings! I hope this post finds all well. I recently found this poem and was greatly encouraged by it—it is amazing to see that the things we struggle with are often the things God puts in our lives to make us rely on Him, our ever-lasting Rock. Just in case there is difficulty in reading the poem of of the picture, here it is once more. 🙂
“Stand Still and See”
I’m standing, Lord:
There is a mist that blinds my sight.
Steep, jagged rocks, front, left and right,
Lower, dim, gigantic, in the night. Where is the way?
I’m standing, Lord:
The black rock hems me in behind,
Above my head a moaning wind
Chills and oppresses heart and mind.
I am afraid!
I’m standing, Lord:
The rock is hard beneath my feet;
I nearly slipped, Lord, on the sleet.
So weary, Lord! and where a seat?
Still must I stand?
He answered me, and on His face
A look ineffable of grace,
Of perfect, understanding love,
Which all my murmuring did remove.
I’m standing, Lord:
Since Thou hast spoken, Lord, I see
Thou hast beset–these rocks are Thee!
And since Thy love encloses me,
I stand and sing,
-Mrs. Elizabeth Stam
May Jesus Christ bless you this coming Christmas. May we remember the blessing of His birth which led to our salvation!
With love,
Picture Credit: “A Lovely Thought,” by Daniel Ridgeway Knight, was found at the following link:

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    What a lovely, encouraging poem dear Frannie! Thank you so much for sharing!

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    Thank you!

    Have a lovely afternoon,

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