Stinkin’ Thinkin’

Lately, I’ve been battling the grouch-o-la. You know, the irrational, emotional ups and downs which like to blindside and attack the unassuming public? How surprised my husband must be when this sweet wife sprouts horns, blows smoke, and manages a snarl within every sentence–how tiresome!
“I haven’t been feeling well,” I say. “It’s that time of month and well … I woke with a headache and it’s so hot and …” The whine list goes on and on as I try to account for my unbalanced, damaging flare-ups.
But the truth is that I have been waiting all day to spew my venom. Not purposefully, of course. I would never prepare to verbally and emotionally bully anyone. But inwardly, my mind has been brewing over a stout mixture of ungrateful, discontent, and bitter thoughts. Stinkin’ thinkin’ at its finest.
You see, thoughts really do matter. I can pretend to be sweet and good and gentle and as long as every thing goes my way I’m pretty convincing. But the moment someone rocks my boat, asks too much, or wounds my delicate pride the real Frannie reveals herself. Reactions show the inner being; the natural person hiding behind the mask.
How can I change this terrible habit? How can I truly keep sweet … always?
Practice thinking truth. Practice being content. Practice joy.
When someone cheats you refuse to practice bitter revenge; instead employ the art of meekness. If you feel left out or passed-over learn to give “thanks in everything.” If your husband doesn’t understand you negate giving into a sulky, self-pitying mindset. If insecurities won’t leave you be, practice thinking the truth of who you are in Christ. Do it again. And again. And again.
Because practice makes perfect.
So endeavor to practice the right thing.

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    Oh my, Frannie, now it's MY turn to remark on how odd it is that the Lord is teaching us the same things at the same time … this is something I've been working on for the last couple of weeks! For me, it's easy to slip into the mindset of "well, I'm not saying it, I'm just thinking it, and it makes me feel better"; and I forget that God hears my thoughts as well as my words, and is just as unhappy with the negative things that don't come out as the ones that do. Just as you said, I've been trying to quote Scripture to myself for these bad moods, and it definitely helps!! 🙂

    And what a sweetheart you are for suggesting I go to grad school in Missouri!! Think of how much fun we'd have! 😀 I am actually researching some schools there right now – my program is a little specialized, so not every college offers it, but I do see a couple! I will absolutely tell you if I do end up near you, and we could finally see each other in person! Squeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

    Have a wonderful evening, dear friend! I can't wait to hear about you guys' Independence Day celebrations!


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    I love your happy comments, Vickie! Thank you for coming by and sharing … and for Missouri grad schools … yes, please! 😉

    And dear friend in Kansas … I am so thankful the Lord used this bit to touch you. And thank you for sharing so. You are so loved and cared for!


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