Stormy Skies // Coffee Series

Coffee With You Series

 Friend, why not take a few moments to pour a fine cup of coffee and visit with me? Let’s be refreshed with the goodness of the Lord together. I won’t be long.

Lately, life has been hard for a lot of folk I love. There have been storms which toll on friends and gray skies which dampen even the cheeriest of people. Illness, disease, financial burdens, depression, heartbreak and loss weigh on my heart as I look around my friends and see so many struggling.

I myself struggle when the skies of my life are gray and dismal.

We were never promised a perfect, easy life.

But we were promised a Refuge.

Sweet Readers, rest in your Heavenly Father’s care. He knows them that trust in Him and He is a stronghold in the day of trouble.

You are loved unmeasurably by a good, strong God; rejoice, Dear One.

And, if you cannot gather the strength to outwardly praise Him, I encourage you to lift up your heart and thoughts and sing nevertheless, even if just a whisper. Rest in His unfailing mercy. Sing of His great redemption.

And take time to be quiet in His presence … maybe with a cup of coffee and some quiet worship music filling the air.

With love, blessings and coffee,


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