Straight from the Heart: What Got Me Through January

Hello sweet friends,

It’s been a while since I last wrote anything that is truly productive. That just isn’t my stage in life right now. Instead of inspiring lists, print-ables, or blog posts helpful in any sense I am craving simplicity. I cannot really offer genuine advice in the form of a blog post; instead, I’m diving deep into the hygge feeling of healing and recovering. Authentic Virtue might one day be a source of written encouragement but for now it needs to be a place of simple welcome, peace, and rest.

There is a level of PTSD that comes with 3 months of bed bound living in a hospital and then 7 months away from home in a NICU environment.  There is stress that comes with g-tube changes, watching over ventilator settings, and colds that turn into pneumonia that turn into hospital admissions.

I’m not complaining. I love my life. I love the privilege of learning how to sanitize trachs and blend foods; I love it because it means I have my son and he is doing so well and thriving perfectly. So many of my other NICU moms do not get that privilege and their loss has shown me how much I have to be grateful for.

I’m doing what I need to do … removing the self-made pressure I assigned myself for this blog. Hello rest, good bye stress. I know you won’t mind, sweet friends. We’ve always been a community of encouragement.

Do you want to know what helped me through January? What little blessings God sent my during the cold winter month?

Little blessing #1:

My husband. For my birthday Dalton gifted me with every Sunday of January being a “responsibility free” day.  We already do a great job helping each other care for Uriah. But this gift was a huge blessing — I was able to do whatever I liked over the last several Sundays including extra naps, trips to the library, and simply being “let off the hook” for the normal responsibilities that are mine those days.

By the way, have I told you how amazing Dalton is?

Little blessing #2:

This big boy has been blessing my socks off. Between his increasing smiles, ability to sit in his Bumbo unassisted, his growing love for tickles and mommy play, His words momma and dadda, and his newfound love for traveling, I am loving these days. Oh, the 6 teeth smile also wins my heart every time too.

Little Blessing #3:

Coffee … coffee … coffee. I never seem to finish my cup so there’s no guilt about making a new one! (Hides blushing face in palms!)

Little Blessing #4:

I don’t browse blogs or Pinterest like I used to but these favorites continue to fill my heart with encouragement and joy.

Grace Lee Cottage

Shy County Gal 

Button Willow Chronicles

Whatever Is Lovely


I’ve also been loving my Hygge Facebook group, getting back-on-track with our budget and my house cleaning projects, lots of candles, and a new Bible study my wonderful friend Amy and I are doing together.

What has been bringing you rest and refreshment this winter? I would love to know! <3 Leave me a comment if you can!

Love, blessings, and coffee,


3 thoughts on “Straight from the Heart: What Got Me Through January

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    Just choosing Him first. When I have a moment there are usually a few things calling me ( dishes, homeschooling, cleaning, cleaning, cleaning, ect…). I choose Him!! When I do its a win win 🙂

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    You are doing the sensible thing Frannie. There is an amount of delayed reaction in any situation that has, like yours, had traumas and stresses. Just know that we are with you in spirit, and take time for yourself now.

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    Oh Frannie! I can’t tell you what a blessing it was to read this post. For you shared what has been on my heart of late. Letting go of the pressure I put on myself in creating what I may consider productive content on the blog or Instagram, and allowing those places to be a place of rest and refreshment when needed. 😊

    As for what has been bringing me rest this winter, my mom or Justin’s parents have been watching Flynn one half day a week, giving me a few hours a week to myself. In which case I usually sleep or numb my ever alert brain by binging on Downton Abbey.😁

    Have a wonderfully refreshing day!

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