Sunshine in my Home // Happy Friday

Ah …

Home, sweetest, home.

I’ve been away for quite awhile. What with winter break from school, holidays with family, my Darling Man’s two week vacation (eee!), our week long cruise, traipsing home before flying on to Montana for a week of sister-visits and new baby kisses I’m ready for a slower pace in life.

Hence, my morning at Starbucks and my plans for this perfect Friday (which involve doing anything and everything (or nothing?) 😉 my heart wants to do).

What’s your life like, Readers? Is your corner of the world bright and sunny? Or are dark clouds keeping your heart from shining?

Whatever you’re doing I hope it involves coffee (or tea!) and a moment (or two!) of quiet rest and remembering who you are in Jesus — His daughter, beloved and heir!

With lots of love, blessings and coffee,


2 thoughts on “Sunshine in my Home // Happy Friday

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    Oh, it sounds as if you had a wonderful and perfect Friday, Frannie! 😀

    It was a cloudy, cold, rainy day here. My day was spent at home, dying from a cardio workout (okay, just feeling as if I was dying…), spending time with my mom, brother, and sister who dropped by, and setting up a little scene with some little knick-knacks I scored at an antique store Thursday. All with a cup of coconut creamed coffee by my side. 🙂

    Have a wonderfully warm weekend my friend!

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      Mmmm! It sounds like you had a lovely day.

      By the way, I LOVE the little set up with the bottles and chicken and homemaking quotes … so encouraging and so very lovely!

      It’s a cold Missouri morning and I’m enjoying my slow Saturday tasks once again … hoping your day will be just as good!

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