A Surprise at the Library.

Hello all! I hope this finds you very well; I am really enjoying the cooler weather that our recent rain brought in. We even had a little adventure—because of a a strong thunder/wind storm we (along with many others in our area) went without electricity for about thirty-six hours! 🙂 Thirty-six hours of no running water, candle-lit nights and a urgent switching of the generator’s power between the fridge (a necessary) and the coffee pot (a necessity!!) I also had the experience of cooking for campers and staff at Discovery Ministries. One of my fellow staff members said that us cooks were cooking quite “romantically” since the whole kitchen was lit with various candles and a LED flashlight. 😀 I wanted to drop in and share some of the amazing blessings of God. As you know, I’ve been busy preparing for my upcoming Ghana trip. One of the necessary duties I must do is try and raise money. I have found this quite difficult and often humbling along with tremendously encouraging. I feel that God shows Himself most strong when we are willing to humble ourselves and He has been doing just that. Taste and See that the LORD is good. . . As part of my fundraising I have set out four different jars in various places explaining who I am and what I am doing. I have been amazed by kindness and genuine interest people are giving! Just today I stopped by Huffman’s gas station and found $21! What a blessing! At work I discovered a tip placed into my jar—some sweet camper who gave up their chocolate bar to help their cook go to Ghana. My dear church family is meeting a huge need while some mysterious individuals in the church family have donated several hundred of dollars—and I am just beginning! But one of the most interesting and funny things happened when I was told I received a message from our local library about my can being full. The strange thing is that I never even left a can at the library!   Me: “Hello! My name is Frannie Halbert and I am calling to talk with the person who called about my can?” The Jolly Librarian: “Oh, that’s me! (laughs) Yes, I called because your can is full.” Me: “Well, (nervous giggle) this may seem silly but I don’t ever remember leaving a can. I only made copies there. . .” T.J.L: (Laughing with great joy) Well, there’s one here! I guess someone must have found an extra copy and put it on a can because there’s one here!!” <3   Dear friends, there is no end to God’s kindness, mercy and humor. He has heard my prayers and, in His timing and way, He has been meeting my needs. Somehow, someway someone read a forgotten copy and thoughtfully placed it on a jar to help me . . . a complete stranger. And some people have given their own money into that special jar. Isn’t God good?   I hope that each of you will continue to live for our Heavenly Father; may He get all the glory! In Christ’s name, Frannie

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