The Happy, Rich, Little Woman and Her Pocketbook

“All of the riches in the world which sparkle with the best
Hold nothing but a candle to the beauties of the rest.
A strong, warm hand to guide my way,
A home to house my stay,
A few small coins to buy my bread
and work to fill my day
An ocean strong, a gentle brook
Some yarn, some paint, a favorite book
A loving family all near by
and the joy of fish caught on the hook
These are the riches which hold my eye when the world tries to dismay
For memories, love, and contentment keep the heart lovely as the month of May.”
Hello, sweet friends. Summer is creeping upon us begging for windows to be open, kites to be flown, and memories to be made. Life is lovely here in our lovely little place–how Dalton and I treasure these early days. We spend much of our time walking the city, visiting Farmer’s Markets, working on our house, and enjoying each other’s company.
A lesson I am currently learning is to trust in the Lord … with all my heart … and the beauty (and joys!) of contentment. Like many newly weds (and not so newly weds) money can sometimes be tight and it is so tempting to despair and let needless shadows cause our smiles to become frowns and our minds to fret. D and I have been experiencing some of this. What, with an unexpected flat tire, traveling expenses (for my dear sister’s wedding!), and other minor purchases it is easy to begin grumbling about our pocket books. But these wishes and grumblings and fears only cause heartache and bring unwelcome hardships.
This is why I wrote the above poem. Whenever I am tempted to pine over Country Living’s beautiful home decorations or weep over the beautiful items on Etsy I want to remember how rich I really am.
I know and love and am loved by the Creator of this world. I am healthy and have many good, upcoming opportunities for advancement in school and my personal goals. I’ve been munching on yummy bread I recently made with the Kitchen Aid and other utensils we were given for our marriage. There is a lovely rose bush preparing to bloom outside my window and herbs growing in my wee garden. I have clothes hanging on the line outside and dishes soaking in suds and bubbles ready to be washed. Louisa May Alcott is currently entertaining my quiet moments and I am packing to visit my dear sister for her wedding. I have a unique, gentle husband who loves me very much; he brings me coffee in bed, makes me laugh, and blesses me with his great desire for loving the Lord and bringing joy to others. I have work to keep my mind and hands busy and ways to bless others and family who bring me joy through phone calls and letters.
Oh, yes, I am a very rich young woman.
And I am so very thankful.
What are you thankful for today?
With love,

April :: Goals and Favorites

The heartiest of hellos to you,
sweet friends. Currently, I am cuddling in my favorite sea-colored
blanket, with coffee in mind, and great music in the background. The current
rain storms we’re getting and the lovely (though surprising) pops of
colors from the local greenery has me feeling alive and ready to accomplish big
things. How appropriate then that Amelia should post her goals and favorites
this month and invite others to join in too! J So here I go, sharing my goals and favorites for this


Read through the book of John …
twice :: D and I have
been watching The Gospel of John and
I really enjoy reading Scripture with it.

Stick to our set budget/meal
ideas :: We’ve come
up with a workable budget and I’m excited to apply it

3. Have thank-you cards written
and ready to be sent at the end of the month

4. Basement brigade :: Wash down the ceiling, walls, and back room of basement
(Tentative to the availability of teammate and beloved, D) J

5. Prune rose bush, put in (tiny) herb garden, and maybe get pot-garden in :: And blog about the results

6. Wash/dress-up mailbox

7. Order transcripts :: I am so thankful I am able to continue attending college—praying
I am accepted to the nearby school

8. Finish pantry :: This includes putting in nails in order to hang pots and

9. Remove paint from kitchen

10. Bake cookies and pass
around J
:: Using the
recipe and ingredients given by a clever wedding guest!


Daffodils and cherry blossoms
are blooming :: We are
thoroughly enjoying the lovely blossoms which make our home seem cherry and fresh

Our new coffee mugs a sweet
friend gave :: “You’re my
cup of tea” and “I like you a latte” are the cutest sayings ever to find their
way on coffee cups

Meeting new friends  :: In special,
God-decreed ways!

Having family over :: Last week some of our family and friends came for a
visit bringing our wedding presents along with them. We had so much fun opening
gifts, eating Chinese, touring the capital, and just enjoying each other’s

Being married :: Yes, this is one takes the cake J

I’d love to hear your goals for
this month–join the fun and share!

With lots of love and


Not Again


 Has anyone ever sighed the words, “not again” ? I tend to utter
these words in a selfish, whining tone whenever I see pillows scattered about
the floor or unwashed dishes. Typically, they are accompanied by an
unwelcoming, sour attitude and my sweet family members try to keep away . . . far away.
“Watch out, Frannie’s a stormin’ about!”

I’m not even married. Being the oldest daughter often lends opportunities to (try) and help
around the house.

sometimes I forget that it is a blessing. More importantly, I forget who I am

calls Christians to be servants; He calls us to die to ourselves and live for Him daily,
offering our lives as living sacrifices. Thankfully, He does not call us to do anything He hasn’t and He willingly gives us grace! Most amazingly, a simple thing like offering a
glass of water in His name becomes an act of worship.

So, what
about mopping, wiping down bathrooms, and preparing meals? Yes, these too
become wonderful ways to worship Christ . . . and to uplift and bless those I
love and live with.

am guilty of uttering the words not again
far too often. Oh, may my heart rather say, “Yes Lord, even in these mundane things
I will joyfully serve you; again I will plunge my hand to the task and see it
as an act of service.” I’m learning that it is the little things in life which
make it most lovely and full of impact.

Learning to say, “Yes, Jesus, I will give again,”
P.S. Here are some super cute printables just waiting to help jump-start your day! Enjoy!
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Summer with a Purpose- Week Four

Greetings dear sisters in Christ! I hope you all are having a day filled with sunshine both outside and inside.
I am super excited because, while this is the fourth week in “Summer with a Purpose,” it is my first punctual reporting time! 🙂 These past few weeks I have stayed pretty productive. But this week, I’m sad to say, I slowed down quite a bit. First, we spent the July 4th in Wyoming and arrived back home Monday night. And since then I have been spending my mornings working at camp,
making breakfast and being on the cleaning crew. After getting home though, I would go into relaxation mode. :o( While I was not very productive I was able to do a few small (but blessed) things. I was able to dust my room, make a blackberry/blueberry cobbler, spend some time visiting with some dear friends, and I have almost finished Eight Cousins. 
I still have the following things on my list: write letters, practice my violin, finish Eight Cousins, and make a birthday card, and help with supper! 🙂  
I hope you all had a better week than I did! 
May the Lord bless your weekend, 
P.S. The sweet picture of Eight Cousins can be found right here. And the lovely picture of the blackberry cobbler can be found here. 

A Photography Contest~ Of Flowers!

Oh, how exciting! Since beginning this blog I have found many lovely blogs to follow, one of which is Johanna’s at “An Old Fashion Girl.” She has announced that she is hosting a flower photography contest and I thought it would be alot of fun. Missouri, at least our part, has been very beautiful this spring, so I cannot resist signing up! Allie is naturally a very good photographer and I, well. . .hehe. . .struggle with focusing the camera, finding a good target, and have a very tiny bit of knowledge concerning that setting button. What I mean is that I am a beginner photographer-ess and am only excited by the beauty of God’s creation. . .and I like to express that by taking pictures! :o) Before I get started I just wanted to invite you to participate in this fun contest. You can find the rules and register at this link.
Here I go!

This tree was very pretty…as the petals fell off the tree I couldn’t help but think that in Alaska the only white things falling in the air was snowflakes! 🙂
These are such lovely flowers. This Spring is the first time I have ever seen these lovely creatures…I don’t think they grow in the Alaska.
Ooh! Please excuse the dead buttercup I just sighted. Perhaps it is a good example of how beautiful life is contrasted to the ugliness of death? 🙂
I thought this one was sweet with the white building behind it.

Isn’t God good to give us such beautiful things?!
 Have a blessed day, dear sisters, and God bless you!
With love,