Fighting Captivity: Lust

There once was a girl who felt she could never
find love, never find victory, and never find peace.

sins are the heavy skeletons we Christians like to bury deep in the back of the
darkest closet; we fear that dragging out that ol’ bag of bones will make
friends and family run fast in the other direction. We fear being vulnerable.

 I am no different. I’m scared to death to
share my struggles with lust, masturbation, and pornography. What will my
fellow sisters in Christ think? What if my friends see this? What will I do if
Jim-dear ever comes across my blog? (Jim-dear=reference to future, unknown
hubby J)

I am so tired of hiding what Christ
has delivered me from. I am tired of not being able to relate with others my
own age because they see my head-covering and assume I’m from planet Perfection.
I’m saddened by the lack of openness among Christian women struggling with lust.

this is my story. When
I was in my early preteen years I discovered the captive-taking power of masturbation
and pornography. My favorite websites to browse were chat forums full of vile
sin. The sweet innocence my parents desperately tried to protect was thrown out
the window by my very own hands.

world tries to convince young people (and older ones, too) that freedom and
happiness equates fulfilling our desires. This is not true.

am so thankful that Jesus continued to pursue my wretched heart and eventually
won the battle. I became a Christian. And life changed from that moment; I finally,
for the first time in my life, had the ability to say no to my lusts.

this is where it is now. I still struggle. I still fail.

Jesus still loves me.

learning how to truly let Jesus be my all-in-all. I’m discovering that my
loneliness and temptations are, more often than not, reminders that I need to
draw closer to Christ.

in Christ, I want you to know that you are not alone. I want you to know that
Jesus really is all you need. I want you to know that it is totally possible to
be pure and at peace with God.

is a real person. He knows our thoughts, ours pasts, and He still offers forgiveness
and victory over sin. He frees the captives and He lifts the face of the
ashamed and makes them whole.

in His faithful person,


It is my heart’s desire for these posts to be encouraging and uplifting. I know
there will be some who will shirk away from posts like this; that’s okay. And
if you have battled the formidable foe, Lust, drop me an anonymous (or
non-anonymous) comment and share your testimony or ways you have gained
victory. Comments like that would be encouraging! I do caution giving only as much detail as would be honoring and edifying. Blessings to you!

Purposed and Good

I know is that waiting is hard—waiting in a purposeful, fruitful way. Yet, this
is exactly how I hope he waits: a time period used for others, God, and growing
in maturity and wisdom. What I insist for him I insist for myself. So, let me
wait and use this time for others, God, and catch hold of the opportunities
given to grow in maturity and wisdom. Let me catch the vision of purposeful,
wonderful waiting and blossom in the meantime.

Illustration by Edmund G. Fuller, published by
Henry Graves & Company, London

Before we Proceed . . .

Today, I happened across this lovely video and just had to share it with you! (Especially since it went along with my last post! Coincidence? I think not!) This sweet couple and I are from the same town and I am so glad to see that they are sharing their wonderful, God-authored story!
May God bless you as He works good things in your life, sweet friends!
Much love,

What’s a Girl to Do?

This bit o’  loveliness is right over here!
quick fingers and a ready mind, the authoress will now attempt to share her
heart within fifteen minutes . . . seeing that tardiness for biology class is
not an option.

me. Ever since I turned the spritely age of twenty-one, my girlish hope of
marriage have blossomed. However, unlike many of the females of my day, my hope
is a little different. I do not hope to date around till I find the one. I do
not hope to experience the wonders of hand-holding or smooching before
marriage. I do not hope to fall madly in love with the one who I find
smolderingly handsome or dashingly debonair. I hope for something else–for
someone else.

hope to be led into a relationship when I am ready, when he is ready. I hope to
be guided by those wiser and older than me. I hope to keep my body and every
wonderful, fascinating experience for him alone. I hope to fall fully in love
with someone whose character is smoldering and who is daringly living for God. Sure,
I do have physical likes (as in I do
like brown eyes and I do love a good
sense of humor) but I’ve found my sitting and dreaming over Mr. Right gets me
nowhere except to a restless spirit and bugging out eyes. (Which we all know are NOT attractive.)

So, what can I do in the mean time? What should we do in the mean time? Continue
checking out every cute guy for a wedding band? (Admit it, you do it too!)
Continue spending hours dreaming about the day? (Guilty as charged.) While these
things aren’t wrong, I wonder if they are the best? What in the world is a
girl to do?

. . . .

We interrupt this program seeing that the
authoress’ fifteen minutes have come to an end. Tune in next time for the
conclusion of this fascinating article. (Don’t
you love promoting?) J

My New Red, White, & Blue

This past week I did something remarkable, something unusual. I bought fabric and finished my project by the end of the week. Yippee!  This is certainly an unusual feat! The best, most remarkable part?: I didn’t even cry! Aha! Truly my not crying over a sewing machine is a miracle; for years my Momma (and a few good friends) have patiently taught me how to measure, cut, and sew all while putting up with my fits of frustration and tears. And finally, by God’s grace, all their work has paid off.  Thank you Mom for being so patient with me (and for snapping my pictures!). 🙂   218   222   227   224 What thinkest thou?   Dear friends, if you are one of my kind (you know, the clumsy-fingered, yardstick challenged, get-your-bobbin-all-tangled-up kind of seamstresses) take heart! It will get easier although it may take time. Trust me. Happy sewing to you all! Frannie