Setting up Home in Our Newest Rental

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Dalton and I can officially be declared nomads. In our 2 years and 3 months of married bliss we have lived in 3 different, beautiful rentals all within a 5 mile proximity of each other. (See house one here and house two here.)

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Real Life Wednesday: #2

This could be it. This could be the song which reminds me of the man I love.
What song expresses you?
Besides finding adorable, tailor-made songs I’ve been busy writing a sociology paper, getting my hair “did” by Dalton’s kindhearted mom, creating an online portfolio and webquest, eating my mom’s delicious custard pie, falling into a huge pile of leaves raked by the handsome Mr. Duncan, adding up thousands and thousands of receipts and preparing for my sister’s homecoming.
I do have to throw in that I am a very blessed woman—even on the bad days my Lord continues to shower His mercy down upon my poor, silly soul. His love is the greatest blessing of all.