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Crafting: Lots of Christmas gifts! This year I’ve enjoyed working my hands over several loved one’s gifts. I’ve so wanted to do several DIY’s for you but that would give away surprises. 😉 Let’s just say there’s been a lot of Hobby Lobbying happening round here.

Dreaming: Of sweet babies! I recently had the most lovely dream of us having twins, a boy and a girl. And while it was just a dream I’m clinging to the promise that sweet children are in our future, Lord willing. <3  

Anticipating: Dalton and I’s 2nd anniversary trip!! Woot, woot! I’m not announcing our destination yet but let’s just say I’ll need to pack sundresses and I’m ordering this cute (and modest!) swim bottom. 😉

Planning: My sweet sister and brother-in-love’s second baby boy’s arrival! (Well, I’m not planning that but … you know.) I’ll soon be spending time with their growing family — a trip I am very much looking forward too.

Smelling: Warm, wintry candles. I’ve been keeping the candles lit from dawn until dusk lately; they just add such a peaceful, homey feel to our little home.

Eating: Lots of salads and baked potatoes. This is the month of delicious, light meals and I’m very much enjoying it.

Celebrating: My Periscope launch! I had a few friends encourage me to branch into live Periscope moments with my readers and I’m so glad I took the leap. Of course, chatting live is very nerve-wracking and I’ve miserably flopped a time or two but overall it’s been a great challenge and a lovely way to connect more personally with readers.

If you have a smart phone look me up with the app Periscope (@FrannieAnneDuncan) for weekly bits of coffee and conversation.

Listening to: Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas channel or this great song.

Enjoying: My new exercise routine! My certified personal trainer (aka Mr. Duncan 😉 ) and I are having a lot of fun as he helps me/gives me pointers in weight lifting (itty bitty weights) and other exercise routines. He’s got some really great ideas and makes working out not as dreadful as it normally is for me. 🙂

Reading: I’m pushing through Elizabeth Prentiss’ Stepping Heavenward. Honestly, after God’s Word, this is the one book I’d recommend to all Christians. Theology and life lessons are beautifully tucked into a fictional story and there is both edification and encouragement wrapped within the chapters. Do check this old classic out.

Pausing: My three post-a-week blog schedule. 🙂 It seems like I’ve entered a season of life where writing requires more focus than normal; this discouraged me at first but I’ve come to a place of thanksgiving and gratitude. I love this place and if writing requires more effort then that’s what I shall give — but I’ll do it in a way that promotes growth and grace and less stress in meeting my self-made deadlines.

Giving: I love the quality, life-giving items Worldvision shares and would love to pass these two beauties on to two separate readers. The first is a gorgeous, cross over purse with lining and zipper and the second is a beautiful, silver-lined bracelet with vineyard carvings in it.


Leave me a comment below to be entered into the drawing which will end January 13th, 2016! Also, for extra entries share the fun (on Facebook, Instagram or your blog) and leave me a comment with your link below. This is open to any sweet soul so feel free to share. 🙂

What does your world currently look like? I would love to hear about it. Leave me a comment below! With love, blessings and wonderful, black coffee,


Spring Around The House // Bunnies, Plants and Eggs

Spring has sprung around our little place and with it comes new beauty, fresh greenness and plenty of song birds.
Oh, and a heavy dose of spring fever.
I’ve been itching the last several weeks for the colder days to pass; while I wait, I have been making tiny adjustments in our apartment. I think wiping the dust from our homes, airing out rooms and decorating in simple ways is an excellent way to usher in the joys of spring.
In the kitchen, two bunnies (Mr. Salt + Miss Pepper) have found their way on the bakers wrack. A little jar is filled with flowering weeds a little friend gave me a few days ago.

While I wash dishes the (deliciously yummy!) scent of eucalyptus wafts from the front window. I found a bunch for $2.99 at Trader Joes. 🙂

Tiny spring touches have come to the living room. Do you remember the spray-painted branches I made in February? They are now “blooming” with yellow and white tissue paper blossoms.
(Heeheehe, you may also see dirty laundry waiting to be watched. Ooops! 🙂

A little rocking chair was recently given to us by sweet friends … I love my new seat as it is perfect for my height! (No more tippy-toe rocking for me! 🙂 The chalkboards have phrases like “Alleluia” and “Abundant Mercy” scribbled over them in an effort to bring Resurrection Sunday to mind.

The rest of the living room is decorated with tiny pastel colored eggs from Hobby Lobby. Dalton enjoyed tucking them into different places around the house. He is such a cutie. 🙂

Out the door our flower bed is beginning to grow — since this is our first spring here I am unsure as to what will be coming up but I think we have some roses, daffodils and tulips among the mix.
Last week I enjoyed laying new mulch over the dead leaves. Our neighbors (who are avid gardeners) were so kind in offering their bags of mulch and soil. Lord willing, D and I will try to grow some veggies in containers along the small driveway.

Does anyone know what this little beauty is?

Look closely and you will see our friends Miss Dove, Mr. Squirrel and three different feathered ones enjoying the bird feeder my daddy gave for Christmas.
I would *love* to see how you are ushering springtime into your homes and lives. Are you spring cleaning? Redecorating? Finishing finals? Trading in hot drinks for summer time treats like iced coffee?
Tell me what’s going on — I’d love to know!
With lots of love, blessings and hugs,

Downtown Travels | Jefferson City in Snow

I really enjoy Jefferson City.
Surrounded by beautiful country, the city seems to have the perfect mixture of old-fashioned beauty and modern convenience.

I especially enjoy living only two miles from the Capital; Dalton often drops me off on his way to work. I walk along the library, pass shops and eventually through the Capital building. It is always open for touring.  

The Governor’s Mansion is truly beautiful. Behind it hides a Greek-themed garden planted years ago by the Governor’s wife and several working prisoners. In the spring dog-wood blossoms and tulips greet everyone who pass by while several fountains have children (and adults) smiling.

When I wrote this two weeks ago the the city was cold and laden with small snowy piles.

On my latest walk I discovered a little museum tucked along the street; maybe our next date day can take us here. Our favorite pizza place isn’t very far away … 😉
Behind me are several railroad tracks and, even further, the Missouri River.
One day I plan to write a post about falling in love with a new city; sometimes it can be challenging adapting to a new home. Thankfully, the capital of Missouri seemed to have no trouble winning my heart and making me feel at home. 🙂
Do you enjoy where you are living? Is it more country or city? Did you ever have a difficult move? I would love to hear your stories.
With love and blessings,

Travels o’er Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving week has been full of joy, land, and laughter. Last August my
sister joined a class which, upon graduation, would produce certified National
Park rangers. After many hard hours, some disappointments, and lots of pt time,
she and her classmates graduated. How proud I am to see her work so hard and
finish this class; she passed difficult tests, proved to be in the 95thpercentile
for shooting, and learned how to do 180 turns in a police car. Congratulations,
Allie!!! May the LORD lead you in your new career!


order to see my sister, my family and I drove from our little town in Missouri
to the rugged land of Arizona. It has been such a great trip–we started off
later in the evening (something we won’t do again J)
and drove the 20 hours almost non-stop. Oi, were we ever tired! But I loved
traveling with my family, bugging my brother, guessing Disney songs with Dad,
and making bologna sandwiches (that’s another post for another time!).

course there were those unavoidable but perfectly human moments which occur in
every trip. Fatigue. McDonalds overload. Listening to Mom’s favorite 80’s love
songs. My favorite quote of the trip?

don’t know why I am cranky!” –Dad

how I loved traveling through New Mexico and spotting my first cactuses. J
I loved seeing the red rocks of Sedona and observing the many cultures within
this area.

we journeyed to the Grand Canyon. What a ruggedly, beautiful land. How I admire
the peoples who inhabited this dry environment.

heard while walking:

Boy: “WHY do we have to take SO MANY PICTURES??!!” (spoken in a
raging, naughty six year-old voice)

Girl: While sitting in a random log along the path: “Why do you think they
put it there?”

“I think they put it right there for you.”   

lovely, blessed trip!