Gift Idea for your Preschooler

I am over-the-moon excited to share my first collaboration with my fellow mommies. When Preschool Collection agreed to work with me I squealed with delight because I genuinely love their products! 

So, mama … does your preschooler struggle to be patient? Are you wanting to introduce the concept of time to your little one? Would you like to avoid the dreadful “how much longer, Mommy?” conversations?

This is exactly what Preschool Collection is all about! Their child-friendly watches and wall clocks are color coded and have tiny animal icons to help your child determine the hour and minutes left before nap time and play dates. Equipping your little with an easy way to tell time helps eliminate anxiety and impatience over what comes next and when. 

Plus, isn’t there something adorable about your preschooler wearing a watch? You can choose from several themes including unicorns, trucks, mermaids, and dinosaurs — the perfect way to give your little a special introduction to time. 

How it works 

Reading time can be a tricky concept for young children which is why Preschool Collection’s clocks and watches are wonderful. They are a “proven method for preschoolers to learn the concept of time without numbers, using play!”

Instead of numbers the watch’s  hours = color bars and the minutes = animal faces. 

The goal is not to tell time with animals and colors, but to help preschoolers situate themselves in time and establish daily routines long before they are capable of reading a real watch.

You could use it to help with daily schedules — “It’s nap time when the big hand touches the cow” or “Your friends are coming over when the small hand is on the blue bar and the big hand is on the frog.”

My opinion of the Preschool Watch so far

We’ve been using Uriah’s fireman preschool watch this week and so far we are loving it! As a prior teacher, I love that I am introducing a learning tool so early in Uriah’s life. 

The fact that the watch is hypoallergenic and water resistant (aka drool resistant) makes me one happy mama! Plus, the price is pretty perfect too!

If you’re looking for a sweet and educational gift for the preschooler in your home enjoy this special coupon code for 15% off your order: CHRISTMAS15 . Shop at Preschool Collection today and give their Instagram some love! 

Happy shopping! 


My 3 Favorite Ways to Play with my Toddler

As a twenty-eight year old, first time mama, I’m learning a lot about the special relationship between mother and child and one of the most important life lessons I’m currently learning is how to play.

There’s something so beautiful and exciting when you see your child grasp new forms of play. Some of my forever memories will include watching Uriah motion to his favorite song or roar at me when I sneak up close.

Play is not only good for our little’s development but it makes for a happier life. Playing with your babies turns the tired, long, hard days of motherhood into days of joy, laughter, and memories.

Here are 3 of my favorite ways I play with my toddler!

Songs with hand motions

We LOVE singing songs — every morning, I start the day by turning on the bedroom light and singing our favorite morning song. The days are full of music and Uriah sings too! (Which is quite a joy and accomplishment considering most children with trachs cannot make sound). 

Some of our favorite hand motioned songs include Itsy, Bitsy Spider, Head And Shoulders, Wheels on the Bus, and Patticake.

Hide and Seek

Even though Uriah isn’t yet walking we have a fabulous time playing hide and seek! I hop down on all fours and crawl around, hiding behind furniture and around corners. Uriah loves looking for mama and the victory of finding me!

Playing Pretend

Ah, this is the best! We’re starting to enter the more advanced stages of play which include pretending. I love watching Uriah drive his cars or walk his little toy animals across the floor. It really is the best!

A friend recently gave me more ideas for pretend play and they included:

Playing with your toddler really is limitless and you don’t have to have expensive toys to make it successful! All of the ideas above basically involve time, effort, and you smiling.

(And to the special parents out there with children who may have medical issues and developmental delays — you can play too! I know it’s hard (and you have a million things to do) but your little one needs you to be their playmate as well as their caretaker, advocate, and appointment maker. They need your smiles and laughter!)

So here’s to all of my fellow mamas who choose to take the time to play. And here’s to motherhood — the snot, chores, hugs, late nights, tickles, and life lessons all rolled into a sweet and precious relationship between mother and child. Enjoy!


What are some of your favorite play activities you do with your baby/toddler? What’s your favorite hand motion song? Leave me a comment below! I’d love to hear your thoughts!