Living Life with a Get-To Attitude // Coffee Series

Coffee With You Series

Hello, sweet peoples!

Home has never been sweeter since I finished my travels fourteen days ago. I’ve unpacked, settled into my routine and rediscovered midwinter afternoon walks. Isn’t home the greatest?

I’ve been away from my blog because … well … I have a confession.

I’ve been petty.

I have this crazy desire to “make it big” in the writing world along with a ridiculous habit of comparing myself to others. Lately I’ve felt like I can’t make it in this world of writing when bloggers have 50 + thousand followers and I can’t even get a newsletter together.

Petty, right? 😉

My heart has been needing an adjustment; my people-pleasing disposition had developed the idea that I had to please. I had to please God. I had to serve my darling man. I had to write because I had a blog. One afternoon I was reminded that I have a choice in the matter. I have the choice to do life with the mentality of a slave or a free child.

In other words, I get to.

I get to write. I get to delight myself in the Lord and delight His heart in the process. I get to love my husband and enjoy his love. I get to take care of my home by vacuuming, washing windows and creating beauty. I get to make menu plans, wash dishes and create delicious meals. I get to love people. I get to.

That soft correction from my Lord has changed everything.

I’m learning to wake up in the morning thinking, “I get to make coffee” and “I get to make a yummy breakfast for my husband.” I take off on my afternoon walks reminding myself that I get to walk and make healthy choices. And I’m writing again because I get to share life’s sweet lessons and joys with you.

It’s been a hard lesson but it’s one to keep.

Oh, one more thing I get to do? Announce winners of our winter giveaway! 😉

Hooray for Angel (you’ve won the lovely handbag!) and Amy (you’ve won the silver cuff bracelet!) So happy for you two beautiful souls! I’ll be in touch, ladies, with getting you your winnings! 🙂

I just love giveaways!

Blessings to all you readers. I am thankful for you and the love you send me through your comments! So blessed that I’ve gotten to know you!

With love, blessings and coffee!


Hello 2016!

Currently Series with Authentic Virtue Blog

We all celebrate milestones differently. Me? I light candles, pour coffee and snuggle in; especially now as I reflect over what the Lord did in 2015 and what He may do this coming year.

It’s been a blessed, beautiful, adventure-filled year.

First, we celebrated our 1st anniversary and went on our postponed honeymoon to Las Vegas (baby!). We absolutely loved being able to afford our first nine day vacation with each other. We walked the strip (a lot), swam in our resort’s lazy river every day and thoroughly enjoyed our friendship and recalling our first year together.

Las Vegas! Las Vegas! Me and my Darling!

We logged hundreds of hours on our local interstate visiting family and making memories with the folk who really make our life tick. I’ve got to say that we really love Dalton’s 3-day weekends! We’ve been to Branson, Missouri with both sides of our family, surprised parents, and spent a lot of time in my mother-in-law’s salon. I’m so thankful our dear family are only 3 hours down the road.

What a silly group of folk

I began last year substituting in a local Christian school and then accepted an official, part-time position this school year as librarian and p.e. instructor. I’ve learned so much from accepting this position. I’ve helped put together a book fair, discovered how to prepare usable lesson plans, spent hours decorating my space and countless time loving (and being loved) by awesome kids and staff. It’s a challenge I’m so glad I accepted.

I even hosted my very own brunch! 😉 Only one soul was able to attend but we sure had a delightful time and I finally branched into hosting!

Hello, brunch!

This blog has also grown! I feel like Authentic Virtue became an adult this year when I moved from my beloved BlogSpot space to my own domain and WordPress! 😀 I enjoyed the excitement of having one of my articles featured by To Love, Honor and Vacuum and felt the thrill (and freakout!) of branching into an actual Facebook site and Periscope channel!

Speaking of the blog, here are 2015’s top five posts of the year! (I still can’t believe #1 got 1,752 views! I also can’t believe I wrote about such a controversial topic!)

Yes, it’s been a beautiful year. I’ve become more adultish. I’ve had to schedule my own doctor appointments, successfully completed a sugar fast (twice!), read more, made friends (hey! it’s a big deal for an introvert in a new city 😉 ), and pushed myself to work harder for my goals and dreams.

(I’ve also failed my sugar fast, gained a few pounds and cried a lot over little things … all things in moderation, right? 😉 )

Soon I’ll be penciling plans and dreams into a new calendar. Ordinary, day-to-day tasks will need to be inspired and revamped. I’ll need to find new ways to keep my home better and do small things with great love. We’ll need to organize our priorities as we discuss what we think God desires from us in our mid-Western town. Should we begin a Bible study? Should we get involved with the Boys and Girls Club? Should we look into renting the adorable house up the street?

There’s also the possibilities. Will I get pregnant? Will Dalton apply for a promotion? Will we stay in Jefferson City?

(I’ll also turn twenty-six in eight days … I’m getting old, ya’ll.)

So many possibilities, so many opportunities for God to reveal Himself through our lives.

What has your year looked like? Care to share some of your 2016 schemes and dreams?

I know one thing about 2016; we’ll sure enjoy our 2nd anniversary Eastern Caribbean cruise … 😉

Love, blessings and coffee,


Work Hard, Rest Even Harder // Coffee Series

Coffee With You Series

Good morning sweet folk! It’s a beautiful, cool morning in my part of the world and I am so thankful to take a moment with you, enjoy a cup of coffee and talk about something very dear to my heart.

Work Hard.

Last night I was laying in bed sniffling, because of my head cold, thinking how I wanted my various hobbies and responsibilities to be successful and bemoaning the fact that they were not at the level I wanted. (aka whining) I was frustrated with the lack of personal success I was seeing from my endeavors and quietly declaring defeat.

Then it hit me: work harder.

I have the habit of giving up if I see defeat in the horizon. I work hard, relax, let things go, and then cry a little cry when I don’t see the amount of fruit I expected. I impatiently run to projects which require great amounts of discipline and experience and then silently give up when it the reality of what I’ve began sinks in.

Hence the vast amount of unfinished knitting projects I’ve collected over the years. 😉

Over the year my gracious Heavenly Father has been instructing me to work hard. I’m at a place in life where I can confidently say that the responsibilities, hobbies and ventures I have are good, honorable pursuits God is using to further His kingdom. Success, though it may look different from my expectation, is in His hands — if I work hard.

Rest even harder.

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]… For God is not unrighteous to forget your work and labour of love, which you have shown toward His name, in that you have ministered to the saints and do minister … We have an anchor of the soul, both sure and steadfast … even Jesus … [/pullquote]

When you’re called to an adventure work hard at it. Don’t give up when your expectation of success isn’t met or when the reality of the task sinks in.

While working hard rest even harder in the glorious, finished work of Jesus and in His continuing work in your life. As many times as I give up on a project I also forget to rest in the Lord’s unfailing love and work in my life.

When I anxiously look at a large task (thinking about abandoning ship) I begin to believe the lie that my worth is tied in with the amount of public recognition and service I can accomplish. It’s a lie that cripples dreams, disables faith and ultimately destroys the work God wants to do through you.

Today, I’m remembering two things: work hard and rest even harder.

What does that mean for me? To work hard at loving my people, labor in serving in my home and community, endeavor to keep my home diligently, strive to love students through library hour, purpose to let laziness and fear not keep me from writing and creating, put effort into relationships … what does it look like for you?

With alotta love, blessings, grit and coffee,


p.s: My friend Amelia wrote a beautiful, short piece about not letting other’s success equal your failure. Check it out — this definitely encouraged and inspired my heart and I’m sure it will yours too. <3