Full of Thanksgiving Entry // Week One

Finding Delight Through Thanksgiving

Welcome sweet people!

Part of digging into and discovering delight is practicing being thankful; when we see that life is more full than empty we’re able to delight more in the Lord and His gifts. Each Sunday, I plan to post quick, journal type entry of the following week’s blessings and moments worth being thankful over. It’s a simple, fun way for me to recognize and verbally give thanks for the many good things God brings our way.

This week I am rejoicing over and giving thanks for:

Waking up to snow Valentine’s Day

Celebrating my parent’s 29th wedding anniversary on February 14th (isn’t that cute?) 🙂

Having my Beloved Man surprise me with a beautiful, white orchid Valentine’s night

Two long-distance phone calls with very sweet friends

Going on a date with my Darling Man to one of our favorite pizza places downtown

Teaching p.e. on a sunny, warm day! 🙂

Working through hard things and growing closer together as a couple

Splurging with my man and buying a bogo pizza from Imos (we really like pizza) 😉

Meeting with the principal of the school and discovering areas of strength and areas I need to grow in as a teacher and finding fun ways to bring literature into the student’s creative hands!

Happy over my sister-in-law’s birthday — so thankful for her!

Celebrating my sister and brother-in-law’s finding a very cute rental! Woo-hoo!!

Coffee and movie with a very sweet friend.

What blessings and delights found you this week? Do you find giving thanks easy or something you need to train yourself in? Hoping you find the beauty in giving thanks!

8 thoughts on “Full of Thanksgiving Entry // Week One

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    Oh, my!!!! When we t stop and think of our busy luves, there is sooooo much to be thankful for.

    As for me…..as ahhhh ummmm.

    My wonderful hubby of 29 years!!!!!!

    The way that we are growing into a new fun season of being together now that our children have left the nest!

    Lots of sweet comments and reconnecting with old friends on FB for our anniversary!

    Jeremiah coming home from college for a couple days! Good food and relaxation!!!

    A wonderful conversation with a former 1st grade student that is now getting ready to graduate cillege!!!!

    Allie and no Wade finding a good rental house and it’s BELOW their budget!

    My huge box of books from my Kickoff parties that I got to go through and savour a little bit!

    My coloring books thar came in ample time for my coloring party I was having this weekend so there was no need to stress!

    Good grades on 4 tests that I took this last week!!

    A 4 day weekend!!

    A fairly productive day at work!

    Good belly laughs, I mean good ones, over the debate Bad Lip Sync videos!!! Laughter is good medicine!

    Another visit with Jeremiah and his friends at the coloring party! And a great, wrll attended color g party! Yay!

    Yay!! I’m sure there are things I have forgotten!

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      I *LOVE* your comment, Mom! It sounds like you had a week full of blessings! I love that your reconnecting with old friends and that you and Dad are growing closer through your empty nest. 🙂

      I also think it’s great you got your box of books!! 😀

      I love you!!

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    My husband and I just LOVE Imo’s pizza! He grew up near St. Louis, and we are only about an hour and a half away from an Imo’s. We enjoy it every chance we get.

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      Welcome, KLani, and thank you for commenting! 🙂

      Hehehe — a big hooray for fellow Imo lovers! I think my hubby said Imos originated from St. Louis? How fun that your husband got to grow up near one and that your get to enjoy it now!

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    I love journaling but haven’t done it for awhile and now you’ve inspired me to use my thankfulness journal! I love looking back at the blessings of each day and journaling is such a wonderful way to remember all the big and small ways God blesses us! 🙂

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      Eeee! I love that you may get into it! It’s something that I really think will help me grow in thankfulness and delight — it’s so easy to forget the small things which really make our lives easier and blessed. 🙂

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