The Art of a Thankful Heart // Coffee Series

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I share my heart transparently here at Authentic Virtue. You’ve read about my baby blues, laughed with me and the time I jumped out of the car , encouraged me when it was hard for me to accept grace and even read about my probs with adult acne.

You, sweet people, have seen it all.

So I feel totally okay sharing my newest (yet not so newest) life discovery with you over coffee and a sunny Missouri morning. I am learning that having a thankful heart is art.

Creating beautiful artwork takes time, development of skill, and motivation. Sculpting, painting and creating is something that, for most of us, is a life long adventure.

So is developing a thankful heart.

I’m pretty positive last month reeked of failure because my heart was full of ungratefulness. Instead of taking hold of faith and obediently thanking God I focused on the little, irritating things which brought me down.

And it’s so easy to do that. It’s easy to focus on what’s irritating about your home, family and budget. It feels good to complain about life’s annoyances and people’s quirks. It’s insanely easy to throw your own personal pity party.

But, sweet friends, ungratefulness is a life-draining sin that will suck the joy, peace and grace out of your life.

[pullquote width=”300″ float=”left”]Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18[/pullquote]

I’m discovering that choosing to have a grateful, thanks giving heart lifts our eyes to the personal, loving Heavenly Father we Christians have. When we choose to pray without ceasing (or, in other words, to live every moment with a heart looking to our Lord) and in everything give thanks we’re saying that we have more to live for then the temporary pleasures and upsets of this world.

We’re choosing to let our Lord Jesus make artwork out of our lives.

We’re choosing to let the God of peace sanctify us … and He who calls us is faithful and will do as He says. <3

With love, blessings and coffee,


Art of Thankfulness // Authentic Virtue Blog Coffee Series

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2 thoughts on “The Art of a Thankful Heart // Coffee Series

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    your posts hit right on the spot! thanks for being encouraging and challenging – I have a lot to grow in this….and I’m afraid this month I’m struggling with the art of thankfulness even more (i.e. – low money for gifting, not being with my family for Christmas, etc yet there is so much to be thankful for!)

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      I *love* that this post resonated with you, sweet Charis. I struggle so much with all of the very things you describe; I’ve been there!

      I am so thankful for your open heart!

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