The DIY Bug and 6 Awesome Cures

I’ve been bitten by the DIY-bug — you know, the one which seems to bite when the craft budget is low, possibilities endless, and your sewing machine rests 153 miles from your aching fingers. Thankfully, we don’t let limitations hold us back (do we?) from accomplishing the making of beauty. It may mean hemming with a hot glue gun, crafting cards from the most obscure cuts of paper, or repainting a frame with chalkboard paint but we get it done (unless, of course, a couch, bowl of cookie dough, and Les Miserables happens to be available ;).

In honor of the crafting-bug I present you with several amazing sites and my favorite tutorials — read ’em, enjoy ’em, and marvel at the creativity bursting from your screen. I promise these ladies will spark the DIY flame in you. Maybe then we will avoid gobbling cookie dough this afternoon … then again, maybe not. 😉 

|| I am crazy about this no-sew burlap curtain — what an adorable way to dress up a window! ||
|| I love Chelsea’s site and as a renter I love her down-to-earth advise on sprucing up your home! ||
|| I loved these curtains and plan on trying my hand on them soon! ||
|| Open, rustic shelving has been on my mind a lot and I love these beauties! ||
|| Don’t you just love this drum light made from basics like canvas and embroidery hoops? ||
|| Yes, I’d love to learn how to make adorable and affordable curtains! Wouldn’t you? ||
What sort of “bug” has bitten you lately? The travel bug? The holiday decorating critter? Or maybe its something as great as the Anne of Green Gables bug? Whatever it is I would love to hear about it! 

2 thoughts on “The DIY Bug and 6 Awesome Cures

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    I love all of these sites Frannie! I made those same exact "no sew burlap valances" when Justin and I first moved into our house. I was blessed not to have to buy any burlap, because I had almost an entire bolt left from the wedding! 😀

    Happy crafting my friend!

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    great ideas! I'm just now to the point where I can start decorating and itch to do stuff but with renting for just several months it's hard sometimes to know how much effort to put in!

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