The Happy, Rich, Little Woman and Her Pocketbook

“All of the riches in the world which sparkle with the best
Hold nothing but a candle to the beauties of the rest.
A strong, warm hand to guide my way,
A home to house my stay,
A few small coins to buy my bread
and work to fill my day
An ocean strong, a gentle brook
Some yarn, some paint, a favorite book
A loving family all near by
and the joy of fish caught on the hook
These are the riches which hold my eye when the world tries to dismay
For memories, love, and contentment keep the heart lovely as the month of May.”
Hello, sweet friends. Summer is creeping upon us begging for windows to be open, kites to be flown, and memories to be made. Life is lovely here in our lovely little place–how Dalton and I treasure these early days. We spend much of our time walking the city, visiting Farmer’s Markets, working on our house, and enjoying each other’s company.
A lesson I am currently learning is to trust in the Lord … with all my heart … and the beauty (and joys!) of contentment. Like many newly weds (and not so newly weds) money can sometimes be tight and it is so tempting to despair and let needless shadows cause our smiles to become frowns and our minds to fret. D and I have been experiencing some of this. What, with an unexpected flat tire, traveling expenses (for my dear sister’s wedding!), and other minor purchases it is easy to begin grumbling about our pocket books. But these wishes and grumblings and fears only cause heartache and bring unwelcome hardships.
This is why I wrote the above poem. Whenever I am tempted to pine over Country Living’s beautiful home decorations or weep over the beautiful items on Etsy I want to remember how rich I really am.
I know and love and am loved by the Creator of this world. I am healthy and have many good, upcoming opportunities for advancement in school and my personal goals. I’ve been munching on yummy bread I recently made with the Kitchen Aid and other utensils we were given for our marriage. There is a lovely rose bush preparing to bloom outside my window and herbs growing in my wee garden. I have clothes hanging on the line outside and dishes soaking in suds and bubbles ready to be washed. Louisa May Alcott is currently entertaining my quiet moments and I am packing to visit my dear sister for her wedding. I have a unique, gentle husband who loves me very much; he brings me coffee in bed, makes me laugh, and blesses me with his great desire for loving the Lord and bringing joy to others. I have work to keep my mind and hands busy and ways to bless others and family who bring me joy through phone calls and letters.
Oh, yes, I am a very rich young woman.
And I am so very thankful.
What are you thankful for today?
With love,

4 thoughts on “The Happy, Rich, Little Woman and Her Pocketbook

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    Beautiful post! It's hard sometimes, but if we really stop and look around us, most all of us are blessed beyond measure. 😀

    What am I thankful for today? For my wonderful husband and being able to spend extra time with him this week, even if it means his hours are shorter at work. 🙂

    Have a wonderfully blessed day!

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    Frannie, dear sister, THANK YOU so much for the comments you blessed me with this week. I'm feeling much better today! I have prayed very hard for you this week as well, knowing we were going through the same thing at the same time. I don't know why we have to go through these waves of guilt and doubt when others don't seem to have to, but it's bearable when I remember that God is holding me whether I feel Him or not!!

    I loved the verses you shared with me this evening, especially – one of them, Philippians 1:6, is one of the verses that I have clung to this week. I'm in the middle of writing a post talking about these feelings of despair and how God gets me through them; but because I can't finish it tonight, I wanted to make sure to thank you personally. You're such a blessing to me and I'm so glad you're my sister in Christ! 🙂

    Have a simply wonderful evening, and you and Dalton take care of yourselves, you hear? 😉


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